Items available from other churches

Liturgical furniture and other items
available from churches in the Diocese of Leeds
for use in other churches – February 2018

General notes

Unless stated, items are available free of charge for church use.  Expressions of interest for secular use or from dealers will be considered but may be subject to negotiating a purchase price. The new owner in all cases would be expected to cover the costs of removal and transport.

For more details or to express interest in any of the items please contact:
Stephen Craven, Assistant DAC Secretary,
Diocese of Leeds, 0113 3530 274 or e-mail



Light of the World tapestry

L2 Tapestry of the 'Light of the World'

 Advertised since October 2017.

 From a closed church in the Bradford area

  Faculty granted for disposal. No money sought. Available immediately.

  Please contact the Diocesan office (as above) to be put in touch with the parish.










M. Set of church plate

Advertised since February 2018

From a closed church in the Leeds area.  Avaialble subject to Bishop's Directions. 

NB any other Anglican church wishing to acquire this silverware should consult their DAC Secretary concerning the need for faculty. 

These come as a set and it would be preferable to remain as a set but expressions of interest in individual items would be considered. 

Items have been professionally valued as noted, and offers in the region of this valuation will be considered.

The set comprises - 

One chalice 7.75" high with matching paten in a padded box 

Dated 1884, valued at £150 - £250








Ciborium with cross finial, dated 1950, valued at £60 - £90

Chalice 6.25" high with matching paten, dated 1963, valued at £120 - £160

Chalice 4.5" high with matching paten, dated 1897, valued at £80 - £120








Sterling silver tray, 12.5" diameter, dated 1952, valued at £300 - £400

CIborium with cross finial, dated 1960, valued at £60 - £90

Larger ciborium with plain finial, dated 1981, valued at £100 - £150

Wafer box dated 1900, valued at £50 - £80

Sprinkler - not separately valued 




EPNS flagon, valued at £30 - £40











Baptism shell dated 1922, valued at £30 - £40






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