Bishop James

Bishop, Bonfire and Bacon Butties

'Bishop, Bonfire and Bacon Butties'

Bishop James will be joining the congregation at  All Saints' Kirby on the Moor at 6.00 am on Easter morning to light the Easter fire and Paschal Candle and invite us to remake our Baptismal vows. The service will be followed by freshly made bacon butties (the bacon being donated by the local farm shop). There is a warm welcome to anyone who would like to join us.

Bishop James will then be leading the 9.30 Communion at Skelton on Ure and the 11.00 Communion at Kirby on the Moor.

We are... making bread together in Masham

Making bread together is a special project to prepare children from Masham CE Primary School for their weekly Holy Communion Service in the church. The vicar, the Revd David Cleeves introduces pupils in Year 5 to the stories of Holy Week and Easter and its links with Communion. To make it more memorable, he bakes a loaf of bread with them using it to link with the last hours of Jesus’ life. For example, he tells them you are rough with the mixture when you knead the bread, like people were rough with Jesus and, you have to wait for the yeast to do its job, just like people waited for Jesus to rise. The loaf they make together is then used in the service and is the start of Year 5 regularly attending the Wednesday Holy Communion service with Year 6 and local people.