Holiday price reduction for 11-14s

From Scripture Union, Today!

Hi all,

Residentials are a great to help young people to make significant steps of faith in God. With the summer holidays just around the corner there are many opportunities for young people to go away on these. With this in mind Scripture Union are this year offering a special £99 discount for those booking to attend their first Scripture Union holiday.

Our Ignite holiday for young people (in school years 7-10) is one such holiday where they can benefit from this discount. It takes place on 9-14 August at Allensford, County Durham. For more information, check out the holiday booking page:

Details of our other regional holidays and short breaks for children and young people can also be found on our website at

Do let your young people know about these holidays. I would be happy to send you some printed flyers too if that would be helpful.

If you have children or young people who would like to benefit from the £99 first-timer offer, please contact me (by next Thursday morning at the latest) and I will help to make the necessary arrangements for them to benefit from this.

I hope everything is going well with you all in your ministry with young people and that you are not too snowed under as you gear up to make the most of the opportunity that the summer presents to engage young people and to help them to develop a deep-lived-out faith in God!

God bless,


Neil Jackson
Development Worker (Church & Community)
North East and Yorkshire Region
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