Springs Dance Company's stunning Christmas performance Journey of the Magi.

You may be just in time to book Springs to come before Christmas.

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T.S. Eliot’s poem, Journey of the Magi, is the inspiration for this piece. Audiences reflect on not only the famous journey the wise men made following the star to Jesus, but also the "journey" each of us makes every year in preparing for Christmas Day. Through exploring images in the poetry, we have devised a presentation of some of the all too familiar processes we go through and witness, in dealing with the expectations and realities of the festive season. The show not only entertains but also provokes consideration for change.

Journey of the Magi is enjoyed by adults and children alike, and can be accompanied by a workshop or series of workshops in theatre, church, school or community settings.




The fee for a full matinee or evening performance of Journey of the Magi is £750 for one show, or £1300 for two shows, plus travel expenses. Most venues choose to cover their costs by charging around £6-£12 for tickets. You need 6m width x 6m depth clear flat space on which we will lay our floor, set, lights, etc.

To book for 21st November to 21st December 2014, or for more information or queries, call Rebecca on 07876 752 910 or email: touring [at] springsdancecompany.org.uk.

Springs Dance Company, 65 John Kennedy Court,

Newington Green Road, London, N1 4RT

Tel: 01634 817 523 Mobile: 07775 628 442 info [at] springsdancecompany.org.uk


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