Harvest Message Planning Grid & Resources

There's nothing worse than starting with a blank sheet when planning All-Age Worship. Here is a grid to help you choose a message or theme, and review the variety of resources you might use.

Alternatively, work out how your half sack of potatoes and large picture of a rain cloud might illustrate one of the themes.

As always we’ve included blank columns for your very own, and perhaps much better, ideas.

(Too small to read? Double click on the image to enlarge on screen, or left click over the image and ‘save as’ onto your computer before loading into your word processor and printing out as an A4 landscape document)

If you are still short of ideas, here are some useful resource websites to help get your imagination buzzing…

Pinterest Resources: http://pinterest.com/revmaryhawes/harvest-resources

The Seed: http://www.seedresources.com/view/images/give-thanks

Spiritual Child Website: http://spiritualchild.co.uk/harvestworship.html

Going For Growth: http://going4growth.org.uk/growth_through_the_year/harvest

Arthur Rank Centre: http://www.arthurrankcentre.org.uk/worship-resources/item/9199-celebrate-harvest-2013

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