Make Lunch!

One of the growing problems today amongst low income families is how they can afford to provide and ensure their children get a proper lunch during school holidays. Free school dinners have often been the only proper cooked meal some children receive in a day, because their parents are struggling with Energy Poverty (see previous blog entry on this), paying rent and meeting other bills. A sandwich or cold dish may be all they get in the evening and at weekends. helps local churches to provide a meal duribng the day in school holidays for children who would otherwise go hungry, because they receive free school meals during school term time. 

Could you work with  the churches connected to your local schools to offer a Make a Lunch during one of the school holidays? Or maybe your own church could set up a Make a Lunch of its own? You can start small, perhaps by sending some volunteers to help at an existing Make a Lunch project nearby, or attend a Discovery Day?

Cinnamon Network Micro-Grants (England) are available to help you start this project. Check out:

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