Recommended Summer reading: Blogs to read & websites to explore

During August many of you stop running weekly groups, because of holidays, etc. It means you have a chance to catch up on some reading and hear is a selection of blogs and websites you might find interesting and helpful for your parish children's and youth work.

Bread not Stones always offers thought provoking pieces from her experience as a pastor and a mother. Her latest blog reflects on how she and her son responded to a friend's miscarriage.

Explore and Express blogs from Germany, where she is a Godly Play trainer and practitioner. Lots of creative ideas on ministry with children and tips about Godly Play.

Flame: Creative Kids offers creative resources to use with children to connect the Christian story with their every day lives. Lots of ideas for prayer, story telling, craft and art.

1277 - Make them count is a site to bring together christian toddler groups. Resources, a national prayer day, and the chance to discover toddler groups in your area.

Worshipping with Children offers ideas and resources to engage children with the lectionary readings week by week. It has a Scripture Index and date index to make it easy to search. 

Faith Formation Learning comes from the Roman Catholic tradition and has many articles and ideas about nurturing faith in the family, through the sacraments and across the generations. Well worth exploring.

Will our faith have children? John Westerhoff (opposite) first published his book in 1976. 8 years later Walter Brueggeman asked Will our faith have children? Make a cup of tea, have a read and consider whether the question still needs to be asked - and what your church needs to do to address it.


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