The worst Christian publication of the year?

*This came up on Facebook this week. It seems that some Christian publishers still employ staff and writers who either can't or don't think before they act!

The "God's Little Princess Holy Bible" is the all things it shouldn't be. It's pink. It's reinforcing sexist stereotypes. It's King James Version. It's just plain wrong!

When Hamleys Toy Shop in Regent Street split its departments into boys and girls a couple of years back, there was a huge public outcry about sexist behaviour and teaching children stereotyping we have spent years eradicating. It appears this lesson has not been learnt by publishers across the Pond.

I'm pleased to report that you won't be seeing any copies of this awful publication in our resource centres or crates. I just hope we don't see any copies in your churches or children's bookshelves!

Arghhhhh! No! I've just seen on Amazon that they also do a boys version "The God's Mighty Warrior Devotional Bible" and guess what? It's BLUE!!!!!

(*For some reason, it was not possible to use an image of the cover of this publication)

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