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Feeling helpless

Yesterday was sobering for Ian and me. The day started well with morning prayers at Musoma Cathedral. The diocesan staff pray together every morning and always pray for the Diocese of Leeds. 

Simple and direct

Life here is simple (though not easy) and small things are precious.  Yesterday, I sat amongst children and chickens, learning to make decorative flowers out of scraps of material and bottle tops, using the strands of a yellow plastic sack for thread.  Meanwhile nearby, Prisca is stripping green bananas off a big bunch to make our lunch of bananas stewed in tomato sauce. It was delicious.

What a party!

Well, we went to the wedding reception, as I mentioned in my last blog, and it was a-mazing! There were at least 600 people there, the room was lavishly dressed and the music was VERY loud. 

An African Mma!

Well, the ladies promised that they’d make me an African dress, and they were as good as their word. I suggested that if they could make it today, I would wear it to church tomorrow- I will certainly feel better turning up in a nice dress rather than the scruffy trousers and t-shirt which is all I’ve brought with me.

The need for sustainable income

Today started with a meeting with the Bishop of Mara, Bishop George Okoth, who greeted us warmly and was very well briefed on both the challenges and the successes of Mmazame parish. That was quite impressive, as he has 82 parishes to think about in his diocese. The Bishop prayed with and for us, which we very much appreciated.

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