What a party!

Well, we went to the wedding reception, as I mentioned in my last blog, and it was a-mazing! There were at least 600 people there, the room was lavishly dressed and the music was VERY loud. 

Two brothers and their brides were celebrating their nuptials, having had the church ceremony in the morning. The two couples paraded in, dancing as they went (naturally - this is Africa). Then there was a series of speeches, prayers and presentations, many of which were to do with presenting the to families to each other, and presenting gifts and good wishes to the couples. We weren’t always very sure what was going on - well, let’s face it, we were mostly clueless about what went on as it was all in Swahili - but we joined in the dancing, parading and partying with the best of them.

Then food was served - at 11.30 pm. And what a spread it was. Two kinds of rice, something that looked like pasta, chips, beans in sauce, chicken, beef....and then watermelon and wedding cake tossed into the middle of the plateful. I’m pretty sure that the lavish hospitality is a status symbol for the families concerned, though interestingly we, in common with the other guests (I think) paid a contribution towards the food and drink.

We slipped out after the meal, but I think many of the guests continued partying the night away.

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