Cathedral Youth Pilgrimage

Youth Pilgrimage

Explore this new opportunity for children and young people to engage with the three Cathedrals! Working together with the Children, Young People and Families team, we are pleased to present you with the Virtual Youth Pilgrimages.

The online pilgrimages have been designed for primary and secondary age children, to embark on a virtual journey across our three Cathedrals and more details can be found below. 

At the end of each pilgrimage, you will be asked a question which will provide you with a number to add to a code. Once you have completed all three Cathedral pilgrimages, you will have gained a six-digit number. You can receive a certificate by emailing childrenyouth [at] with the correct code. 


Bradford - The Gifts You Bring 

Embark on a pilgrimage of self-reflection and discovery, exploring your own gifts by learning about the gifts of other Christians. 

These include some of the inspirational saints in the Cathedral’s beautiful stained glass windows, influential figures connected with the Cathedral’s past, and young people connected with the Cathedral and Bradford today.

Contact Details: Maggie Myers, Director of Education and Visitors at Bradford Cathedral - education [at]

Ripon - Sanctuary

Discover an ancient place of Sanctuary, where people have travelled for generations to find a space of calm. Journey with poets, historians and City of Sanctuary volunteers as we explore the origins of Sanctuary at Ripon Cathedral and what this means today, whether for people fleeing conflict or those who are simply looking for a peaceful place to relax.

Contact Details: Yvonne Jefferies, Education Officer at Ripon Cathedral - yvonnejefferies [at]

Wakefield - Hope

As the UK continues the journey out of lockdown, we can each begin to undertake a personal journey in the coming months too, a journey of hope. Hope for our future. Hope for others. Hope for a better world. Hope for a kinder world.

The pandemic has been a great challenge for people from all walks of life and all ages, but even through the most difficult months, through the heartaches, through the storms, hope never left us. We invite you to walk alongside us with our Virtual Youth and Children’s Pilgrimage this year, to share in God’s love, and to learn from God’s teaching around hope.

Contact Details: Gillian Bunn, Community Outreach Officer at Wakefield Cathedral - gillian.bunn [at]

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