Communion and Confirmation

Admission to Communion before Confirmation

The General Synod and the House of Bishops have discussed the question of children receiving communion before confirmation over many years. In November 1996 the first set of guidelines were issued by the House of Bishops and on 15 June 2006 these guidelines became Regulations under Canon B15A

The Diocese has produced some documents to help parishes explore this issue further:  
A Guide through the process of applying for permission to admit baptised children to Holy Communion, a Parish Application Form, the 2006 Regulations and a Resources Guide with preparation ideas for both children and church.


Together round the Communion tableConfirmation is a celebration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, a time of personal commitment and recognises the value of each person within the body of Christ. For candidates, their family and friends, confirmation is an important and unforgettable occasion. Preparation for confirmation, the service and the encouragement of discipleship following the day are very important and should be undertaken by candidates, clergy and congregations with appropriate care and reflection.

Confirmation gives us all the opportunity to rejoice in the depth of God’s love, to explore the breadth of the Christian faith and to set firm the foundations of faith for a lifetime.

Confirmation - Resources guide for young people   Ideas of resources for preparation and gift ideas

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