Communications training

This year the Communications Team have been running a number of online training courses. Recordings of some of these can be accessed below, along with any up and coming online training. 

Online Training

Broadcasting from a Place of Worship

Monday, November 2: 19.30 - 21.00

The Diocese of Leeds Communications and DAC Teams will be hosting a webinar, exploring how churches can best broadcast worship online from their buildings.

At the end of March churches across the Diocese, and indeed the country, were quick to adapt and have since discovered the possibilities that the online world has for them to reach a new audience and become more discoverable to a population that is increasingly inhabiting the online space. Now, as churches begin to open their buildings to host services with congregations once more, a new missional horizon online continues to present itself.

The webinar will be held on Zoom and will include presentations from different speakers, including church members involved in broadcasting services online. The newly launched guide, 'Broadcasting worship online from a church building', written and produced by the diocesan Communications and DAC Teams will also be presented as a helpful resource for parishes.

Topics covered will include: 

  • Key considerations when broadcasting online
  • How to remian inclusive 
  • Live streaming equipment and set ups
  • How some churches have done it
  • How to get more help 

To book a place please send an email to [at]

Recorded Training

Creating Video for Church

An online course for those wanting to learn how to get started with creating videos for their church. Topics covered on this course include:

  • Video equipment 
  • Framing and composition 
  • Lighting and sound 
  • What should we film?

Social Media for Beginners

An online course exploring how to set up a church account on Facebook and Instagram. Some of the basic features of Facebook and Instagram are included, along with what type of content you could share as a church.

Social Media for Intermediates

Following on from the Social Media for Beginners session, some of the more advanced features for Facebook and Instagram are explored. Together we see how social media insights, a marketing plan and the use of language can improve how we use social media for church.

Doing Church Digitally

A question and answer session that took place over Zoom. A panel of digital enthusiasts, along with others from across the diocese, gathered to discuss how church can be done digitally. Topics covered included:

  • Zoom
  • live streaming
  • websites
  • social media.

Practical tips for video presentation

The Revd Canon Robin Gamble, Bishop's Advisor for Church Growth, shared his top tips for presenting well on video. This was then followed by a question and answers session where attendees had the opportunity to respond to what Robin said. 

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