‘Invite me to your church this Christmas,’ says Bishop Jonathan

Image of Bishop JonathanThe Rt Revd Jonathan Gibbs, the Bishop of Huddersfield, has written an open invitation to all the churches in the Huddersfield Episcopal Area asking them to invite him to preach as part of his long term plan to encourage churches to reach out and connect their communities with Christ.

In a letter written to all clergy, Bishop Jonathan said:

“Every year hundreds of people come into our churches in the run-up to Christmas, for carol services, Christingles and of course on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It would be wonderful to see more of those people discovering Jesus Christ for themselves and coming back to join our church families in the New Year.

"In order to encourage this to happen, Bishop Jonathan will make himself available to speak at services and meetings in December – however briefly and wherever there will be visitors and new faces who need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

"In addition, Bishop Jonathan would like to encourage parishes to think about providing some kind of enquirers course starting early in the New Year. He said: “This could be Alpha or Emmaus or Pilgrim – or something completely different and home grown.” He will also be available to speak at such courses and meetings during January.

“It would be fantastic to see all our churches making the most of Christmas and making connections with people in their communities, through inspiring services, engaging preaching – and also through offering generous and warm hospitality. How about offering a glass of mulled wine or real ale – and some simple refreshments after some of your Christmas events? Let’s make it a party and help people to make connections with the church family – and above all with Jesus Christ.”


If you would like to invite Bishop Jonathan to come to your church this Christmas, please contact his P.A. Brenda Malcolm at the Huddersfield Area Office, at: brenda.malcolm [at] westyorkshiredales.anglican.org

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