33 knitted Bible stories: Bishop Nick opens ‘unusual’ exhibition in Elland at the end of November

The Rt Revd Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds, will be opening a six-day-long exhibition of 33 knitted Bible stories at the end of the month as it visits Elland on the last dates of its 2015 tour of the UK.

Knitted scene of Jesus and his disciples in fishing boatsThe knitting project began in 2008 when a group of ladies from St George’s United Reformed Church in Hartlepool met together to knit the Last Supper scene for a display in their church. They enjoyed it so much they knitted 32 more stories!

The exhibition will be opened by Bishop Nick at All Saints Church, Elland, on Friday the 20th November at 7:30pm, and the knitted stories will remain on display in the church on various dates until Sunday the 29th November (see below for the exhibition’s opening dates and times).

The Revd Canon David Burrows, Rector of Elland, says, “Jesus was the most wonderful teller of stories.

“He told Parables that help us to understand what life is really meant to be like - stories where the outsider and the outcast were welcome, where all were invited to the Feast. “

He adds, “Jesus' parables are seemingly simple and memorable stories - a woman who breaks bread, a man who knocks on his neighbour’s door at night, or the aftermath of a roadside mugging.

“Through these stories we can see what God is really like.

“The Knitted Bible Stories Exhibition will invite us to share in the story of Jesus, born of Mary, Crucified, Dead and Risen,” Fr David continues. 

“As Christians we too have a story, a Gospel, to proclaim.”

The exhibition has been travelling across the UK for the last two years and has already visited Northamptonshire, Barrow-in-Furness, Washington, Warwickshire, Essex, Marske, Gateshead, Derby, Newtown in Wales, Gloucestershire, Whickham, Barnard Castle, Clifton and Carleton.

Once the exhibition leaves Elland it will be returning to Hartlepool until 2016 when it will once again travel the country - the knitted stories have even had three bookings for 2017 already!

The exhibition at Elland, organised by the All Saints Church Events Group, will be open to anyone wishing to visit.

Fr David says, “Ten groups of young people from local schools are looking forward to seeing this variety of Bible stories given a special meaning by being knitted!

“They are among those who are already booked to visit this unusual exhibition when it visits All Saints Church.”


The exhibition will be open on:

Saturday 21st November - 11am to 4pm

Sunday 22nd November - 11am to 4pm

Tuesday 24th November – 10:30am to 4pm

Thursday 26th November – 10:30am to 4pm

Saturday 28th November - 11am to 4pm

Sunday 29th November - 11am to 4pm


Admission to this ‘unusual travelling exhibition’ is free, but donations are welcome.

A sum of the donations received will be sent to St George’s United Reformed Church in Hartlepool, with the remaining sum put towards All Saints Church funds.

Refreshments will be available.


For more information, please call Angela Byram on: 01422 256259; or email: angela.byram [at] blueyonder.co.uk

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