Ben-Hur comes to Pudsey

A racing chariot and a mock-up Canaanite city were the central parts of Pudsey Parish church’s summer holiday club last week. It’s theme was Ben Hur (the film based on the tale of Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish prince who became a charioteer and a Christian) and the Book of Judges.

Ben Randall, Assistant Curate, says, “Although names like Samson are well-known, the book of Judges as a whole is neglected, which is a real shame. I guess many are uncomfortable with the violence – but when we look closely we find this amazing good news that runs throughout about a compassionate God who wants a better, holier life for men and women who really don't deserve it. Add to the mix dramatic sword-fights and some memorable dastardly villains, and you've got some great teaching material for kids - and especially boys.

"I made a child-sized, working chariot (with various bits and pieces from e-Bay) which was raced around a track in the nave. Again and again the kids came back to race once more, to whack a few more balloons and improve their score.

"We also built an eight-foot-high fortified Canaanite city, which was pretty good too. I cheered and laughed myself hoarse!"



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