Beverley is the Community Star of Bradford

Beverley BartonBradford teacher and Sunday school leader, Beverley Barton, who is married to local vicar, the Revd Dale Barton, has been named Bradford’s Inspirational Woman of the Year and Community Star in an award ceremony organised by the paper Asian Sunday and  the Inspirational Women Foundation.

Beverley was nominated by her local Muslim hairdresser, and says she is amazed to have won the awards which were presented at a ceremony held at the weekend.

Beverley was identified as Community Star for her work with community based projects and work as a governor at Westminster Primary School, as well as leading the Sunday school at St Clement's Church, Barkerend Road. Professionally, she is also a teacher for the Dyslexia Action charity and through that runs a Literacy Catch Up Club at St Augustine's library.

Broadcasters Sunny and Shay Grewal presented the awards and the guest list at the ceremony included athlete and paralympic head coach Paula Dunn, shadow Equalities Minster in the House of Lords, Baroness Glenys Thornton and former leader of the Respect party, Salma Yaqoob.

The shortlist was chosen to reflect Bradford's diverse communities and other categories included  Businesswoman of the Year, Employee of the Year, the Public/Voluntary sector award, the Sportswoman of the Year and the Teacher of the Year. 

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