Bishop Nick joins the House of Lords

Bishop Nick LordsBishop Nick Baines, the Bishop of Leeds, has become a member of the House of Lords, in a Ceremony of Introduction today, Thursday 5 February.

The four hundred year old ceremony came at the start of House of Lords business.  Black Rod and the Garter King of Arms led Bishop Nick as a new peer, into the chamber, accompanied by his two supporting bishops – the Archbishop of York and the Bishop of Carlisle (pictured below). After submitting his writ of summons, which was read by the Clerk, Bishop Nick signed an undertaking to abide by the House of Lords code of conduct, and then processed to the Woolsack, where he shook hands with the Lord Speaker and took his seat on the Bishops' Benches.

Bishop Nick will be one of 26 Church  of England bishops who sit in the House of Lords. He said, “I’m pleased that both the Diocese of West Yorkshire & the Dales and the region will be represented in the House of Lords so soon after this new diocese has been formed. I look forward to working out in the next 12 months how best to serve in the House alongside the priority of building and serving the diocese”.

The ceremony can be seen here.

It’s expected that Bishop Nick will give his maiden speech later in the year.

Bishop and support

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