Bolton Priory Mystery Play returns after nine year break

The atmospheric ruins of Bolton Abbey on the River Wharfe in North Yorkshire provided the dramatic backdrop  for the Bolton Priory Mystery Play which returned for two performances at the weekend (July 4th and 5th ) after a nine year break.John the Baptist

Based on the medieval  celebrations of the life of Christ, the Mystery Play was a dramatic retelling of Jesus’s birth and ministry in twelve scenes, beginning in the Priory Church and moving down to the river and around the ruins before returning to the church for the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

The forty strong cast included members of the Bolton Abbey Drama Group and the local Jesus carries his crosscongregation under the direction of Jo Craven. The role of Jesus was played by Mark CoulthardJesus and hisdisciples

The play included a realistic enactment of the Baptism of Jesus  - in the River Wharfe rather than the River Jordon.  Other tableaux included the Wedding at Cana and Christ's entrance to Jerusalem.

(Pictures from top ;left clockwise: Jesus (Mark Coulthard) at the Wedding in Cana; John the Baptist;Jesus and his disciples enter Jerusalem; 'Let the children come to me'; The Last Supper; Jesus carries his cross)

'Let the children come to me'

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