Canon Emeritus tells his life story

Edward Gee, a retired priest, now living near Keighley has put the story of his remarkable life into print -
Edward's Story: the cannon that changed his life.

Eighty years ago, a seven-year old boy out on the moors above Huddersfield, disobeyed his aunt by playing on abandoned World War One artillery. An accident happened and he told his aunt he had fallen. In fact, a cannon had fallen on him and crushed his spine. Because he had not told the truth, treatment was not given until it was too late, and tuberculosis of the spine had set in. This was a defining moment in his life.

That little boy was the Reverend Canon Edward Gee, now 87, Canon Emeritus of Wakefield Cathedral, and known to many across the diocese from his years as a priest in Hanging Heaton, Brownhill, Alverthorpe and Castleford.

Edward Gee - plaster bedEdward tells the story of his childhood, marked by ten years of hospitalisation and immobilisation, at times encased in Plaster-of-Paris from head to foot, as the only way then known to treat his injury. He sets out his spiritual path, starting as an Anglican, joining the Methodists, but returning to his spiritual home in the Church of England, and studying for the priesthood. The story of his ministry in his four parishes is full of colourful detail, ranging from the events of the Miner’s Strike to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

Edward Gee and MarjorieThe story of Edward, and his much-loved wife Marjorie, is one of difficulty, reward, endurance and faith even amidst heavy griefs. Edward’s Story is a testament to the humanity, kindness and deep religious belief of both.

Here are just a few of the comments from those who have read it:

"A brilliant book in which Edward graciously shares his story which has the power to enrich all our lives." Revd Robin Figg

"A fascinating insight into medical treatment and hospital practices before antibiotics."  Dr Marie Stinson.


To obtain a copy, ring Edward on 01535 630060. It costs £7.50 (£6 to cover costs of publication with £1 to St Andrew’s Church, Kildwick, and £1.50 for postage and packing).

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