Communities Minister praises Wakefield Cathedral for positive faith work

Stephen Williams MP said Wakefield Cathedral was a positive example of faith work in action during his visit to the city this week.

The Communities Minister and Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol West was at the Cathedral to view its renewed nave and meet representatives of local community groups.

He said religious organisations had an important role to play in local communities and picked out Wakefield Cathedral as a shining example of positive faith work in action.

As Communities Minister ,he is responsible for integration and race equality, localism, decentralisation and community rights and he expressed a keen interest in the work cathedrals do to engage with the local community and spoke to cathedral staff responsible for community engagement and mission.

The Dean of Wakefield, the Very Revd Jonathan Greener, said “We were delighted to welcome Stephen Williams to the cathedral and to have the opportunity to bring together people from across the community to help him understand some of the joys and challenges of living in Wakefield”.

Representatives from local authority, the Wakefield Rent Deposit Scheme, Wakefield Civic Society, City of Sanctuary, Afemai Children’s Trust, Angel Lodge, and the Wakefield Art Walk were also present at the meeting.  

The Minister was also interested to see the Cathedral’s plans for the next phase of renovation,  due to start in May.  Project 2015 will better reveal the glory of the Medieval quire and Edwardian East End, with new lighting, heating and audio visual equipment and improving disabled access, plus work on the crypt.

Dean Jonathan said this project would make the Cathedral even more accessible for the people of Wakefield and beyond. 

Pictured here is the Dean, far right, next to the Minister and representatives from the wide range of community groups that work with Wakefield Cathedral.

Communities Minister, Stephen Williams praises Wakefield Cathedral for its positive faith in action



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