Diocese comes together to reaffirm faith on first anniversary

Sharing the PeaceHundreds of clergy and lay people gathered in Wakefield Cathedral on MaundyCathedral Thursday, April 2,  to renew their vows and commitment to God, the first time such a service has taken place since the diocese began a year ago.

The Maundy Thursday Chrism Eucharist was led by Bishop Nick, and in addition to bishops, archdeacons and parish clergy, the packed Cathedral was swelled by large numbers of lay people from across the diocese.

Oils of Chrism, for the sick and dying and for those coming to baptism were blessed for churches to use during the coming year.

Preaching from 2 Corinthians, Bishop Nick emphasised said that ministry flows from discipleship: “We may be joyful in the calling that God has Bishop Nick Bainesgiven to us, but there are times when we wish he had called someone else. There are times when we wish we could be somewhere else... But the truth is God calls us to where we are, knowing who you are - and asks you to get on with it!”

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(Pictures. Top left - Sharing the Peace; Left - Bishop Nick gives the Address; below left - Blessing the Oils;) For more pictures visit the Chrism Eucharist gallery.

Chrism EucharistBlessing the Oils

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