East Ardsley young people earn their trip to Whitby

In a trip that they had well earned, the Seekers youth club from St Michael’s, East Ardsley spent a weekend at Sneaton Castle near Whitby having fun and learning about the life of the resident nuns.

Vicar of St Michael's, the Revd Glen Coggins, said, "Before the weekend, in an updated version of Jesus and the parable of the Talents, the 31 young people were given between £5 to £15 to invest in a project. They threw themselves into ‘Dragon’s Den’ fundraising events like cake baking, car washing and selling key rings and in total raised £1,600 which was used to reduce the overall weekend cost for each young person".  

During the weekend, they played games on the beach, climbed walls, painted pottery and did a treasure hunt around Whitby. Jensen said, "It was a surprise to me that something connected with church could be such fun. And it was really interesting hearing the nuns talk about their lives. I thought they just rang bells and prayed a bit, but they work really hard".

Caitlin said, "We had a really good time and I was also amazed at everything the nuns do. They have to be praying by 6.30am - I could never do that!"


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