Five curates ordained as priests at Bradford Cathedral

In Bradford, Bishop Toby Howarth carried out his first ordinations at Bradford Cathedral at the weekend. Five curates were ordained as priests to continue their ministries in the Bradford Episcopal Area.

(Left to right) Steve Proudlove serves All Saints Church, Ilkley and recently recorded a video sermon delivered hanging from the Cow and Calf Rocks on Ilkley Moor. He said, “All Saints' has been a really welcoming, generous and caring community during our first year in Yorkshire and I have enjoyed getting to know them and being involved in an active church setting.  In particular, I have enjoyed being part of an exciting team where we seem to inspire each other in our various areas of ministry.”

Julie Bacon serves Shipley St Peter’s and said, “We have been made extremely welcome at St Peter’s. I have loved getting to know the congregation (particularly at our parish weekend away), and developing my experience in leading services and preaching... It feels as if new things are happening at St Peter’s, and I am looking forward to being part of them, as I learn more about what it is to serve God’s people as a priest.”

John Butler is honorary assistant curate in Heaton and says that since his Ordination as Deacon, in June of last year, he and his wife have been blessed to be part of the community of Heaton, where John serves as Honorary Assistant Curate in the parish churches of St. Barnabas and St. Martin. John and Jackie have been, both astounded and humbled, by the way that they have been welcomed, not only into the heart of the congregations, but also into the heart of the community, by their largely Muslim neighbours.

Cat Thatcher serves  Bradford Cathedral.

Jenny Ramsden serves Morton and Riddlesden and said, “I feel blessed to have been placed in these parishes, due to the support and guidance of the Revd Mike Cansdale. I have also been overwhelmed by the warm welcome I have received from the congregations at both churches, and one of the real joys has been getting to know them and forming positive relationships with a great many of them." 

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