He is Risen – Bishop Toby looks back at an eventful Holy Week 2015

Bishop Toby Howarth video diaryCelebrating Easter at an Easter Day sunrise service held with Heaton Churches Together in north Bradford,  Bishop Toby Howarth, the Bishop of Bradford , has recorded a video diary of the past week, Holy Week, across the Episcopal Area.  

His week included a Good Friday walk of witness through the streets of east Bradford with the Bradford Moor cluster of churches – during which we see him speaking to shopkeepers and local Muslim tradespeople to tell them about the purpose of the procession of the Cross.

On Maundy Thursday he attended a packed meeting of Muslims, and was invited to speak. The week also included confirmations and baptisms both on Palm Sunday and on Holy Saturday – a candlelit service held at Bradford Cathedral – and a meeting and events to remember the thirtieth anniversary of the Bradford City football ground fire tragedy.

See the three minute twenty second video by clicking on the picture above or here. 

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