How can you walk in Jesus' footsteps: July 1 St James' Meltham Mills

Find out how you can walk in Jesus’ footsteps: July 1 St James Church Meltham Mills

It was his first glimpse of the sun coming up over the Sea of Galilee that made the Revd Dennis Shields know he was in a very special place.

“To gather in the darkness and watch as the palm trees start to become visible and the sun rise across a sparkling, shimmering Sea of Galilee,  it made me feel that I had indeed arrived in the Holy Land -a very special place. I felt tremendous privilege to be there and knew this was just the beginning of my journey.”

Later this year Dennis, assistant priest at Meltham Christ the King will join vicar, the Revd Maureen Read to lead a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and they are holding an open day on July 1 to share their experiences for anyone interested in joining them.

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land will take place from 9-19 November and will be based in Jerusalem and Galilee. It will depart from Manchester.

Said Dennis: “Maureen and I have been to the Holy Land before and know just how special and memorable it is to visit the places where Jesus walked, worked and lived.  It is such a brilliant experience that we jumped at the idea of leading a pilgrimage there for others to enjoy too.”

They will be just back from a short familiarization visit and so will be able to provide first hand information about the pilgrimage which will travel the paths taken by Jesus during his ministry in Jerusalem and Galilee. Pictured here is the last group trip they joined to the Holy Land

The evening is open to all and will take place on Wednesday 1st July 2015 at 7.00pm

at St James’ Church, Meltham Mills.

 Contact: The Revd Maureen Read 

Tel: (01484) 850050

Email: maureen.read09 [at]

The Revd Dennis Shields

Tel: 078 1234 9202

Email:  dennis_shields [at]

The Pilgrimage is with McCabe Pilgrimages.
Download a brochure below:

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