Jane’s Challenge: On the Top Table with Away from it All Holidays

Jane Newsome, part of the Mothers’ Union in Ripon Episcopal Area inspired members as she explained how she had raised over £8,000 for the Mothers’ Union ‘Away From It All’ Holiday Scheme.

Jane Newsome and Jean ThurmanOn Easter Monday, Jane climbed Table Mountain in South Africa  and just last week presented the Mothers’ Union with a cheque for £8,454.

Members were in tears as Jane told her amazing story at the first Mothers’ Union Diocesan Council meeting of the new diocese held in Skipton.

Jane explained how she has had a challenging time, physically and mentally, in the last ten years but has come through her experience and now feels strong and healed.

Her faith has helped her through several serious operations including five hip replacements. She felt a need to give something back by challenging herself to help people less fortunate.

Jane at the top of Table Mountain


Jane commented:
“I openly admit that I had taken it for granted that a family holiday was always part of our normal, annual family life.

Having been inspired by its work to help those whose family life has met with adversity, I joined Mothers’ Union.

Due to the generosity of so many people the ‘mountain was conquered’ and dreams realised! Not just for me but for the many families in social crisis who can now experience the joy of a holiday together “Away From It All”.

Climbing Table Mountain in South Africa represented the mountain she had climbed health wise and South Africa also seemed appropriate as homage to the South African surgeon who had made it possible.

Jane met her surgeon, now retired back to Cape Town, after the climb – an emotional re union!

Jane Newsome on Table MountainAway From It All Holidays are offered by many diocesan Mothers’ Unions to families who, for various reasons are not able to enjoy what many of us take for granted – quality time away as a family in relaxed surroundings.

Find out more about AFIA Holidays on the Mothers’ Union website.

If you'd like to add to the donations for Away from it All Holidays, contact:
Jo Sarkar on 0113 295 0617.

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