Kinsley Food Bank marks its first year with a campaign for more for Lent

Food bank in old mining town celebrates its first year milestone

A food bank which used its £100 gift from the former Bishop of Wakefield as seed capital to set up in a former mining town just outside Wakefield has reached its first year.

Kinsley Food bank, located in the Church of the Resurrection, Kinsley in the Kinsley and Wragby parish has given out almost 800 food parcels in that time to over 120 people - and now it is appealing for more help to boost its ability to serve the communities on their doorstep.

Statistics gathered over the year shows while there are a few regulars – seven people have been more than 40 times – most only come when they need to.

Ellie Wilson, church warden and food Bank co-ordinator said: “ Most are coming as and when they need it.

“We have definitely seen an increase in the number of people coming each week since October when there has been a greater demand on their finances with heating, bills and Christmas expenses.

“We are realistic enough to know we are probably just scratching the surface.

"Only this week a person collapsed because they’d not eaten for two days. Food money had to be spent on boiler repairs. It’s awful that people have to be in the position where they have to choose between food and other basic fundamental requirements.”

The Food bank which opens every Wednesday from 10.30 to 11am wants to expand – but needs help.

It is launching a Lent Campaign and asking people to give either of their time or a food donation during Lent which starts on Ash Wednesday, 18 February.

“We are independent and wholly rely on the generosity of local people and their donations and we’ve had fantastic support from local schools and churches without whom we couldn’t have achieved any of this,” she added.

“And to say we set this all up with just £100, we are really proud of everyone who has played a part in this and just want to be able to grow it.”

The food bank donation point in Church House, Wakefield office is this month collecting for Kinsley - you can drop your donations into the box in the reception area.

Anyone wanting to help should email Ellie at ellie.wilson [at]


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