Mothers' Union launch Caring For You project on children's wards


Helping hand for parents of children and teenagers on Wakefield’s children’s ward

A unique project to give a helping hand to parents of children and teenagers admitted to hospital, will be launched at Pinderfields on Monday.

It is the first project for the Wakefield Area Mothers’ Union group and has been inspired by a similar project for adults requiring emergency admissions onto wards in Calderdale and Huddersfield hospitals.

Eileen Warburton, (pictured here) president elect for the Wakefield Episcopal Area MU said: “Being admitted to hospital at short notice is an upsetting time for anyone, but for parents of young children and teenagers, it can feel very vulnerable and stressful when this occurs and we just wanted to reach out and give them one less thing to worry about."

The MU members have worked with staff at Pinderfields Children’s Assessment Centre and on the Children's Ward to design the overnight packs to help cater for an emergency stay in hospital for children from three years up to 17.

They aim to provide 20 bags a month in this pilot project which – if successful – they hope to continue to be part of ongoing outreach by members of the Mothers’ Union in the Wakefield Episcopal Area of West Yorkshire & The Dales.

MU members giving packs to Pinderfields staffEach pack contains a child’s toothbrush, toothpaste, baby soap, soft face cloth and brush or comb. The teenager packs are adapted to contain shower gel and deodorant.

The packs are labled ‘Caring for You’ and carry a short message from Mothers’ Union hoping that the gift will help make their stay in hospital easier.  

Since 2012 Mothers’ Union  members have been providing emergency toiletry packs for people admitted to the Medical Assessment Unit in Calderdale and Huddersfield Hospitals who might be in need of a few items until their family can go home and bring in their own things.

Said Eileen: “We wanted to target the most vulnerable and by working together with staff working on the children's ward, we are confident we will be able to help make a child or teenager’s first night in hospital easier.”

ANYONE wanting to  donate toiletries for the emergency children’s toilet bags there is a collection box in reception at Church House, Wakefield Office or give it to your local Mothers’ Union member.  They need baby soap, children's combs and children’s toothpaste.


Children's Emergency pack contents:

Child's toothpaste 

Child's toothbrush

Suitable soap – (Johnsons baby soap)

Soft face cloth

Suitable child's brush or comb


Teenager's  Emergency Pack

Shower gel




(they could manage without a face cloth if shower gel was provided)


small inexpensive soap(not essential) 


Mothers’ Union is a world wide Christian Charity which supports all aspects of family life and in this country  supports many projects taking place in hospitals and prisons. Back to Mother's Union website.

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