A multifaith breakfast - it's tasty and it's Fairtrade

Bishop Paul Slater joined seven other faith leaders this week for a Fairtrade breakfast at the Merrion Centre.

As well as enjoying Fairtrade food and drink, they showed passing shoppers all the Fairtrade breakfast products that are now available.

Cynthia Dickinson from Leeds Fairtrade Group (who organised the morning) said, “This year’s Fairtrade Fortnight is focused on breakfast; with the strapline 'Sit down for breakfast, stand up for farmers!'

“We’re encouraging people to consider the many people around the world who provide our food and drink and who are desperate for a fair, living wage to give them food security throughout the year.

“As well as hot and cold drinks, we had dried and fresh fruit, nuts, biscuits and cake; and we gave away mini chocolate eggs, along with information cards.”

The guests included Bishop Paul Slater, Rabbi Esther Hugenholtz, Imam Qari Asim, Mr Gurmukh Singh, Mrs Usha Bardwaj and Ms Krystal Holmes.


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