Music from the Congo as a Bradford church prays for peace

Congo meetingsCongolese music was part of a special evening at St Augustine’s Bradford which has been learning more about the conflict ravaging the country from families who have escaped the fighting and become refugees in the parish.

More than fifty came to the evening on the Otley Road and prayed together after hearing of the latest situation from those who have witnessed it first hand.

Priest in Charge, the Revd Dale Barton said “We learned that there have been 6 million deaths from war in Eastern Congo since 1990.  Rape is being used as a weapon of war.  This is not inter-tribal strife, but war about resources with many outside players.  In particular our government and the US by their support of Rwanda and Uganda have fuelled this conflict

Congo music

“The DRC has huge mineral wealth, but most of its people live in abject poverty.  One of the consequences is that there are very large numbers of internally displaced people, and a handful of the most vulnerable come to the UK under the government Gateway scheme.  Both our churches had two such families worshipping with us this morning."

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