New diocesan shield

The diocese has a new coat of arms which is being used for the first time on the orders of service for Bishop Nick’s enthronements.

It’s the first time in more that 60 years that a new coat of arms (granted by the College of Arms under Crown authority) has been requested for a diocese in England.

The brief for the design was a simple, contemporary image that reflects the essence of the diocese, while conforming to the rules of heraldry.

It incorporates the Tau-Rho (the Greek letters T (Tau) and P (Rho), which was was an early Christian monogram) and the Yorkshire rose.

The shield without a mitre stands for both bishop and diocese; the one with the mitre stands only for bishop.

Guidelines for the shield’s use will be issued before the end of the summer (and it is requested that it is not used until these have been finalised).

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