NEW Prayer for Growth downloads

A couple of years ago, the Leading your Church into Growth (LyCiG) team produced a Collect for Growth. The idea was to have a simple prayer for growth in a recognisable Anglican format for use in the parishes. It has proved extremely popular and many churches - including my own use it weekly in their Sunday liturgy.

LyCiG produced the prayer in the form of an A6 postcard, and we've been handing these out on our travels around the diocese. But, as more and more people have been asking for them, and often in large quantities, it has become too expensive for us to keep producing them in this way.

Instead, and to help parishes pray for growth, we have produced two templates that can be downloaded and printed locally. We have the A6 postcard version (4 to an A4 sheet) and a brand-new Bookmark version (3 to a sheet). Simply download the PDFs at the foot of the page, print them on decent quality card in whatever quantity you require, and you're good to go...

With the Archbishops call for prayer for evangelism coming along shortly, this would be a great time to download this resource and hand them out in your church to get people praying for growth.

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