New publications

New booklets for churches

You Told Us coverA number of new publications have been produced for churches - and will be available to pick up at Diocesan Synod on Saturday, as well as downloadable here on the website.

You Told Us (left) and the Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales and the World (below right) are available for every church - with booklets to pick up at the weekend .

In addition, Stories from Sri Lanka  is a study course which will be of particular interest for any churches which have had the historic link with the Church of Ceylon-- again it will be available at Synod this Saturday and in PDF form here. 

You Told Us is a synopsis of all the feedback from people and churches from meetings held last Lent around the new diocese. There are 2 paper copies for each church.

The Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales and the World is a 12 page booklet celebrating our mission in the world through our vibrant overseas links. Full of stories and pictures, it shows much that we can learn from Christians living in very different circumstances to our own.  It also contains information and contacts for each of our links. There are 5 paper copies for each church.

If you are attending General Synod, there will be a table in the foyer outside. Please pick up copies of both booklets for your church/es.
If you not attending Synod, ask someone else - a  friendly Synod member, your Area Dean or your Archdeacon - to collect some for your church.
Paper copies can also be collected from the three diocesan offices.


Stories from Sri Lanka has six sections, and was put together by Canon Adrian Alker and Brad Frey (of Christian Aid) on a recent visit to the island. Each study is linked to one of the 'marks of mission' from the Anglican Consultative Council. 

Adrian and Brad write in the introduction, "We hope you will enjoy using this study course, both to deepen awareness and understanding of the lives of Christians in Sri Lanka and to connect their stories to your own. Alongside the Bible reflections are challenges to take action and of course to pray for our sisters and brothers in Sri Lanka." 

Click on the picture or file at the foot of the page to download a PDF  



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