Parish dashboard data

UPDATE: Latest versions of these figures are available here

This collection of data for every parish has been produced by Research and Statistics Unit at Church House, London, and was published in December 2016. The deanery names and parishes contained within reflect what was in place in 2016, and do not reflect the changes which came in to place in January 2017. 

For more information about these statistics, please see:


Airedale Allerton Almondbury Armley Barnsley Birstall
Bowland Bowling & Horton Bradford North Brighouse & Elland Calder Valley Dewsbury
Ewecross Fresh Expression churches Halifax Harrogate Headingley Huddersfield
Ilkley Keighley Kirkburton Pontefract Richmond Ripon
Skipton Wakefield Wensley Whitkirk




AIREDALE_460017_Allerton St Peter.pdf

AIREDALE_460029_Baildon St John the Evangelist.pdf

AIREDALE_460055_Bingley All Saints.pdf

AIREDALE_460056_Bingley Holy Trinity.pdf

AIREDALE_460120_Cottingley St Michael & All Angels.pdf

AIREDALE_460155_Fairweather Green St Saviour.pdf

AIREDALE_460168_Frizinghall St Margaret.pdf

AIREDALE_460175_Girlington St Philip.pdf

AIREDALE_460207_Heaton St Barnabas.pdf

AIREDALE_460208_Heaton St Martin.pdf

AIREDALE_460299_Manningham St Paul & St Jude.pdf

AIREDALE_460385_Shipley St Paul.pdf

AIREDALE_460386_Shipley St Peter.pdf

AIREDALE_460431_Thornton St James.pdf

AIREDALE_460437_Toller Lane St Chad.pdf

AIREDALE_460462_Windhill Christ Church.pdf


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ALLERTON_460031_Bardsey All Hallows.pdf

ALLERTON_460087_St. Agnes, Burmantofts, Leeds.pdf

ALLERTON_460100_Chapel Allerton St Matthew.pdf

ALLERTON_460272_Leeds City.pdf

ALLERTON_460273_Leeds, Gipton Church of the Epiphany.pdf

ALLERTON_460275_Leeds All Souls.pdf

ALLERTON_460276_Leeds St Cyprian & St James.pdf

ALLERTON_460279_Leeds St Wilfrid.pdf

ALLERTON_460346_Potternewton St Martin.pdf

ALLERTON_460358_Richmond Hill, Leeds.pdf

ALLERTON_460367_Roundhay St Edmund.pdf

ALLERTON_460368_Roundhay St John the Evangelist.pdf

ALLERTON_460492_Moor Allerton and Shadwell.pdf


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ALMONDBURY_460018_Almondbury w Farnley Tyas Team Parish.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460103_Christ the King, Meltham.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460223_Honley St Mary.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460263_Kirkheaton St John the Baptist.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460281_Lepton St John.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460316_Moldgreen Christ Church.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460326_Newsome & Armitage Bridge St John the Evangelist.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460357_Rawthorpe St James.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460396_South Crosland Holy Trinity.pdf


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ARMLEY_460022_Armley w New Wortley.pdf

ARMLEY_460048_Belle Isle St John & St Barnabas.pdf

ARMLEY_460079_Bramley St Peter.pdf

ARMLEY_460084_Bruntcliffe St Andrew.pdf

ARMLEY_460092_Calverley St Wilfrid.pdf

ARMLEY_460144_Drighlington St Paul.pdf

ARMLEY_460147_East Ardsley St Michael.pdf

ARMLEY_460159_Farsley St John the Evangelist.pdf

ARMLEY_460173_Gildersome St Peter.pdf

ARMLEY_460237_Hunslet St Mary the Virgin.pdf


ARMLEY_460319_Morley St Paul.pdf

ARMLEY_460320_Morley St Peter.pdf

ARMLEY_460348_Pudsey St Lawrence & St Paul.pdf

ARMLEY_460415_Stanningley St Thomas.pdf

ARMLEY_460440_Upper Armley Christ Church.pdf

ARMLEY_460467_Woodkirk St Mary.pdf

ARMLEY_460470_Wortley and Farnley.pdf

ARMLEY_460475_Wyther The Venerable Bede.pdf

ARMLEY_460490_Cross Green.pdf



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BARNSLEY_460025_Athersley St Helen.pdf

BARNSLEY_460035_Barnsley St Edward the Confessor.pdf

BARNSLEY_460036_Barnsley St George's Parish Centre.pdf

BARNSLEY_460037_Barnsley St Mary.pdf

BARNSLEY_460038_Barnsley St Peter & St John the Baptist.pdf

BARNSLEY_460096_Carlton St John the Evangelist.pdf

BARNSLEY_460099_Cawthorne All Saints.pdf

BARNSLEY_460129_Cudworth St John the baptist.pdf

BARNSLEY_460137_Darton All Saints.pdf

BARNSLEY_460142_Dodworth St John the Baptist.pdf

BARNSLEY_460161_Felkirk St Peter.pdf

BARNSLEY_460171_Gawber St Thomas.pdf

BARNSLEY_460185_Grimethorpe w Brierley.pdf

BARNSLEY_460231_Hoylandswaine St John the Evangelist.pdf

BARNSLEY_460296_Lundwood St Mary Magdalene.pdf

BARNSLEY_460317_Monk Bretton St Paul.pdf

BARNSLEY_460369_Royston St John the Baptist.pdf

BARNSLEY_460388_Silkstone All Saints.pdf

BARNSLEY_460410_Staincross St John the Evangelist.pdf


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BIRSTALL_460059_Birkenshaw St Paul.pdf

BIRSTALL_460060_Birstall St Peter.pdf

BIRSTALL_460083_Brownhill St Saviour.pdf

BIRSTALL_460109_Cleckheaton St. Luke.pdf

BIRSTALL_460110_Cleckheaton St John the Evangelist.pdf

BIRSTALL_460178_Gomersal St Mary.pdf

BIRSTALL_460200_Hartsheadst Peter.pdf

BIRSTALL_460210_Heckmondwike St James.pdf

BIRSTALL_460217_Hightown St Barnabas.pdf

BIRSTALL_460288_Liversedge Christ Church.pdf

BIRSTALL_460364_Roberttown All Saints.pdf

BIRSTALL_460375_Scholes St Philip & St James.pdf

BIRSTALL_460499_Whitechapel, Cleckheaton.pdf



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BOWLAND_460114_Coniston Cold St Peter.pdf

BOWLAND_460170_Gargrave St Andrew.pdf

BOWLAND_460172_Giggleswick St Alkelda.pdf

BOWLAND_460211_Hellifield St Aidan.pdf

BOWLAND_460229_Horton-in-Ribblesdale St Oswald.pdf

BOWLAND_460262_Kirkby-in-Malhamdale St Michael the Archangel.pdf

BOWLAND_460270_Langcliffe St John the Evangelist.pdf

BOWLAND_460290_Long Preston St Mary the Virgin.pdf

BOWLAND_460354_Rathmell Holy Trinity.pdf

BOWLAND_460379_Settle Holy Ascension.pdf

BOWLAND_460394_Slaidburn St Andrew.pdf

BOWLAND_460411_Stainforth St Peter.pdf

BOWLAND_460439_Tosside St Bartholomew.pdf


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BOWLING & HORTON_460030_Bankfoot St Matthew.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460053_Bierley St John the Evangelist.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460069_Bowling St John.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460070_Bowling St Stephen.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460074_Bradford St Oswald.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460075_Bradford St Wilfrid with St Columba.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460107_Clayton St John the Baptist.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460179_Great Horton St John the Evangelist.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460228_Horton All Saints.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460351_Queensbury Holy Trinity.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460382_Shelf St Michael & All Angels.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460460_Wibsey, St Paul.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460480_Oakenshaw.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460481_Low Moor.pdf

BOWLING & HORTON_460482_Wyke.pdf


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Bradford North

Bradford North_460066_Bolton St James with St Chrysostom.pdf

Bradford North_460072_Bradford St Augustine.pdf

Bradford North_460073_Bradford St Clement.pdf

Bradford North_460149_Eccleshill St Luke.pdf

Bradford North_460182_Greengates St John the Evangelist.pdf

Bradford North_460240_Idle Holy Trinity.pdf

Bradford North_460424_Thornbury St Margaret.pdf

Bradford North_460433_Thorpe Edge St John the Divine.pdf

Bradford North_460438_Laisterdyke & Tong St James.pdf

Bradford North_460464_Woodhall St James the Great.pdf

Bradford North_460472_Wrose St Cuthbert.pdf


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BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460080_Brighouse Saint Martin.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460112_Coley St John the Baptist.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460151_Elland St. Mary the Virgin.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460183_Greetland & West Vale St Thomas.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460283_Lightcliffe St Matthew.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460331_Northowram St Matthew.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460352_Rastrick St John the Divine.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460353_Rastrick St Matthew.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460412_Stainland.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460496_Hove Edge Saint Chad.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460497_Clifton Saint John.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460498_Elland All Saints,.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460503_Outlane.pdf


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C'dral, Unkn or Extra-Paroch_460001_Ripon Cathedral Parish with Littlethorpe.pdf

C'dral, Unkn or Extra-Paroch_460062_Bishop Monkton St John the Baptist.pdf

C'dral, Unkn or Extra-Paroch_460090_Burton Leonard St Leonard.pdf

C'dral, Unkn or Extra-Paroch_460381_Sharow w Copt Hewick & Marton-le-Moor.pdf


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CALDER VALLEY_460119_Cornholme St Michael & All Angels.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460122_Cragg Vale St John the Baptist-in-the-Wilderness.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460209_Hebden Bridge St James.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460213_Heptonstall St Thomas a Becket & St Thomas the Apostle.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460295_Luddenden w Luddendenfoot.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460323_Mytholmroyd.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460328_Norland.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460403_Sowerby St Peter.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460436_Todmorden St Mary.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460447_Walsden St Peter.pdf


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DEWSBURY_460041_Batley All Saints.pdf

DEWSBURY_460042_Batley St Thomas.pdf

DEWSBURY_460043_Battyeford Christ the King.pdf

DEWSBURY_460095_Carlinghow St John the Evangelist.pdf

DEWSBURY_460141_Dewsbury Team Parish.pdf

DEWSBURY_460195_Hanging Heaton St Paul.pdf

DEWSBURY_460314_Mirfield Team Parish.pdf

DEWSBURY_460349_Purlwell St Andrew.pdf

DEWSBURY_460355_Ravensthorpe St Saviour.pdf

DEWSBURY_460409_Staincliffe Christ Church.pdf

DEWSBURY_460427_Thornhill Lees Holy Innocents w St Mary.pdf

DEWSBURY_460428_Thornhill St Michael & All Angels.pdf

DEWSBURY_460458_Whitley Lower St Mary & St Michael.pdf


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EWECROSS_460026_Austwick The Epiphany.pdf


EWECROSS_460091_Burton-in-Lonsdale All Saints.pdf

EWECROSS_460101_Chapel-le-Dale St Leonard.pdf

EWECROSS_460104_Clapham with Keasden St James.pdf

EWECROSS_460243_Ingleton St Mary the Virgin.pdf

EWECROSS_460432_Thornton-in-Lonsdale St Oswald.pdf


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Fresh Expression_467012_Sorted.pdf

Fresh Expression_467013_St. Mary Low Harrogate.pdf


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HALIFAX_460032_Barkisland Christ Church.pdf

HALIFAX_460077_Bradshaw St John the Evangelist.pdf

HALIFAX_460105_Claremount St Thomas the Apostle.pdf

HALIFAX_460188_Halifax All Saints.pdf

HALIFAX_460189_Halifax Holy Trinity & St Judes.pdf

HALIFAX_460190_Halifax St Augustine.pdf

HALIFAX_460191_Halifax St Hilda.pdf

HALIFAX_460192_Halifax The Minster Church of St John the Baptist.pdf

HALIFAX_460221_Holmfield St Andrew.pdf

HALIFAX_460252_King Cross St Paul.pdf

HALIFAX_460315_Mixenden Holy Nativity.pdf

HALIFAX_460322_Mount Pellon Christ Church.pdf

HALIFAX_460339_Ovenden St George the Martyr.pdf

HALIFAX_460363_Ripponden St Bartholomew.pdf

HALIFAX_460374_Scammonden St. Bartholomew.pdf

HALIFAX_460387_Siddal St Mark.pdf

HALIFAX_460401_Southowram St Anne-in-the-Grove.pdf

HALIFAX_460402_Sowerby Bridge Christ Church.pdf

HALIFAX_460448_Warley St John the Evangelist.pdf


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HARROGATE_460044_Beckwithshaw St Michael & All Angels.pdf

HARROGATE_460054_Bilton St Luke & St John.pdf

HARROGATE_460061_Birstwith St James.pdf

HARROGATE_460113_Collingham St Oswald w Harewood.pdf


HARROGATE_460158_Farnley All Saints.pdf

HARROGATE_460163_Fewston St Michael & St Lawrence.pdf

HARROGATE_460194_Hampsthwaite & Killinghall.pdf

HARROGATE_460198_Harrogate St Mark.pdf

HARROGATE_460199_Harrogate St Wilfrid.pdf

HARROGATE_460215_High Harrogate Christ Church.pdf

HARROGATE_460216_High Harrogate St Peter.pdf

HARROGATE_460260_Kirkby Overblow w Sicklinghall.pdf


HARROGATE_460271_Leathley St Oswald.pdf

HARROGATE_460327_Nidd St Paul & St Margaret.pdf

HARROGATE_460341_Pannal St Robert of Knaresborough.pdf

HARROGATE_460345_Pool and Arthington.pdf

HARROGATE_460405_Spofforth w Kirk Deighton.pdf

HARROGATE_460416_Starbeck St Andrew.pdf

HARROGATE_460450_Weeton w North Rigton & Stainburn.pdf

HARROGATE_460454_Weston All Saints.pdf

HARROGATE_460455_Wetherby St James.pdf






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HEADINGLEY_460012_Adel St John the Baptist.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460078_Bramhope St Giles.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460085_Burley St Matthias.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460116_Cookridge Holy Trinity.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460156_Far Headingley St Chad.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460187_Guiseley St Oswald King & Martyr.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460203_Hawksworth Wood St Mary w Moor Grange.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460205_Headingley St Michael.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460227_Horsforth St Margaret.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460245_Ireland Wood St Paul.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460265_Kirkstall St Stephen.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460277_Leeds St George.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460278_Leeds St Margaret & All Hallows.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460305_Meanwood Holy Trinity.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460336_Otley All Saints.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460356_Rawdon St Peter.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460465_Woodhouse & Wrangthorn.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460468_Woodside St James.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460476_Yeadon St John the Evangelist.pdf


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HUDDERSFIELD_460057_Birchencliffe St Philip the Apostle.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460076_Bradley St Thomas.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460126_Crosland Moor St Barnabas.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460177_Golcar St John the Evangelist.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460233_Huddersfield All Saints & St Thomas.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460234_Huddersfield Holy Trinity.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460235_Huddersfield St Peter.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460284_Lindley St Stephen.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460285_Linthwaite Christ Church.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460291_Longwood St Mark the Evangelist.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460302_Marsden St Bartholomew.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460395_Slaithwaite w East Scammonden St James.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460466_Woodhouse Christ Church.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460493_St. Cuthbert Birkby Huddersfield.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460494_St. John the Evangelist Huddersfield.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460495_St. Francis Fixby & St. Hilda Cowcliffe, Huddersfield.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460500_Huddersfield The Net.pdf


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Ilkley_460011_Addingham St Peter.pdf

Ilkley_460050_Ben Rhydding St John the Evangelist.pdf

Ilkley_460086_Burley-in-Wharfedale St Mary the Blessed Virgin.pdf

Ilkley_460241_Ilkley All Saints.pdf

Ilkley_460242_Ilkley St Margaret.pdf

Ilkley_460307_Menston St John the Divine.pdf


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Keighley_460115_Cononley St John the Evangelist.pdf

Keighley_460121_Cowling Holy Trinity.pdf

Keighley_460128_Cross Roads-cum-Lees St James.pdf

Keighley_460130_Cullingworth St John the Evangelist.pdf


Keighley_460204_Haworth St Michael & All Angels.pdf

Keighley_460244_Ingrow St John the Evangelist.pdf

Keighley_460251_Kildwick St Andrew.pdf

Keighley_460292_Lothersdale Christ Church.pdf

Keighley_460321_Morton St Luke.pdf

Keighley_460333_Oakworth Christ Church.pdf

Keighley_460340_Oxenhope St Mary the Virgin.pdf

Keighley_460360_Riddlesden St Mary the Virgin.pdf

Keighley_460389_Silsden St James.pdf

Keighley_460419_Steeton St Stephen.pdf

Keighley_460420_Sutton-in-Craven St Thomas.pdf





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KIRKBURTON_460106_Clayton West w High Hoyland All Saints.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460131_Cumberworth St Nicholas.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460138_Denby Dale Holy Trinity.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460139_Denby St John the Evangelist.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460153_Emley St Michael the Archangel.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460165_Flockton-cum-Denby Grange St James the Great.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460214_Hepworth Holy Trinity.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460220_Holmbridge St David.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460222_Holmfirth Holy Trinity.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460257_Kirkburton All Hallows.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460324_Netherthong All Saints.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460325_New Mill Christ Church.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460376_Scissett St Augustine.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460383_Shelley Emmanuel.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460384_Shepley St Paul.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460390_Skelmanthorpe St Aidan.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460434_Thurstonland St Thomas.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460442_Upperthong St John the Evangelist.pdf


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PONTEFRACT_460010_Ackworth St Cuthbert.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460014_Airedale Holy Cross.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460028_Badsworth St Mary the Virgin.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460081_Brotherton St Edward the Confessor.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460094_Carleton St Michael.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460097_Castleford Team Parish.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460136_Darrington St Luke & All Saints.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460148_East Hardwick St Stephen.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460160_Featherstone All Saints.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460162_Ferrybridge St Andrew.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460212_Hemsworth St Helen.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460249_Kellington St Edmund.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460253_Kinsley with Wragby.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460256_Kirk Smeaton St Peter.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460267_Knottingley St Botolph.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460343_Pontefract All Saints.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460344_Pontefract St Giles w St Mary.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460350_Purston with South Featherstone St Thomas.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460397_South Elmsall St Mary the Virgin with Moorthorpe SS Peter and Paul.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460398_South Kirkby All Saints.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460463_Womersley St Martin.pdf


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RICHMOND_460033_Barningham St Michael & All Angels.pdf

RICHMOND_460039_Barton St Cuthbert w St Mary.pdf

RICHMOND_460058_Birkby St Peter.pdf

RICHMOND_460068_Bowes St Giles.pdf

RICHMOND_460098_Catterick St Anne.pdf

RICHMOND_460108_Cleasby w Stapleton St Peter.pdf


RICHMOND_460135_Danby Wiske w Hutton Bonville.pdf

RICHMOND_460143_Downholme & Marske St Michael & All Angels.pdf

RICHMOND_460146_Easby with Brompton on Swale and Bolton on Swale.pdf


RICHMOND_460166_Forcett w Aldborough & Melsonby.pdf

RICHMOND_460174_Gilling St Agatha.pdf

RICHMOND_460181_Great Smeaton St Eloy w Appleton Wiske.pdf

RICHMOND_460218_Hipswell St John the Evangelist.pdf

RICHMOND_460239_Hutton Magna St Mary.pdf

RICHMOND_460261_Kirkby Ravensworth.pdf


RICHMOND_460298_Manfield All Saints.pdf


RICHMOND_460312_Middleton Tyas w Moulton.pdf

RICHMOND_460359_Richmond w Holy Trinity w Hudswell.pdf

RICHMOND_460365_Romaldkirk St Romald.pdf

RICHMOND_460417_Startforth & Rokeby Holy Trinity w Brignall.pdf

RICHMOND_460421_Swaledale w Arkengarthdale.pdf

RICHMOND_460423_The Cowtons All Saints.pdf

RICHMOND_460473_Wycliffe St Mary.pdf


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RIPON_460015_Aldborough w Boroughbridge St James & Roecliffe.pdf

RIPON_460063_Bishop Thornton St John the Evangelist.pdf

RIPON_460132_Cundall w Norton-le-Clay.pdf

RIPON_460133_Dacre Holy Trinity.pdf

RIPON_460134_Dallowgill St Peter.pdf


RIPON_460180_Great Ouseburn St Mary.pdf

RIPON_460184_Grewelthorpe St James.pdf

RIPON_460206_Healey St Paul.pdf

RIPON_460255_Kirby-on-the-Moor All Saints.pdf

RIPON_460259_Kirkby Malzeard.pdf

RIPON_460287_Little Ouseburn Holy Trinity.pdf

RIPON_460294_Lower Nidderdale.pdf

RIPON_460301_Markington St Michael.pdf

RIPON_460303_Marton cum Grafton Christ Church.pdf

RIPON_460304_Masham St Mary the Virgin.pdf

RIPON_460309_Mickley St John the Evangelist.pdf

RIPON_460330_North Stainley St Mary the Virgin.pdf


RIPON_460362_Ripon Holy Trinity.pdf

RIPON_460391_Skelton cum Newby St Helen.pdf

RIPON_460400_South Stainley St Wilfrid.pdf

RIPON_460441_Upper Nidderdale St Cuthbert.pdf

RIPON_460451_Well St Michael.pdf

RIPON_460452_West Tanfield St Nicholas.pdf

RIPON_460459_Whixley w Green Hammerton.pdf

RIPON_460491_Burnt Yates.pdf


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SKIPTON_460023_Arncliffe with Halton Gill St Oswald.pdf

SKIPTON_460034_Barnoldswick Holy Trinity.pdf

SKIPTON_460064_Bolton Abbey St Mary & St Cuthbert.pdf

SKIPTON_460071_Bracewell St Michael.pdf

SKIPTON_460082_Broughton, Marton and Thornton.pdf

SKIPTON_460088_Burnsall St Wilfrid.pdf

SKIPTON_460093_Carleton St Mary the Virgin.pdf

SKIPTON_460145_Earby All Saints.pdf

SKIPTON_460152_Embsay St Mary the Virgin.pdf

SKIPTON_460232_Hubberholme St Michael & All Angels.pdf

SKIPTON_460248_Kelbrook St Mary.pdf

SKIPTON_460250_Kettlewell St Mary.pdf

SKIPTON_460286_Linton St Michael.pdf

SKIPTON_460371_Rylstone St Peter.pdf

SKIPTON_460392_Skipton Christ Church.pdf

SKIPTON_460393_Skipton Holy Trinity.pdf


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WAKEFIELD_460019_Altofts St Mary Magdalene.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460020_AlverthorpeSt Paul.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460102_Chapelthorpe St James.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460125_Crofton All Saints.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460224_Horbury Junction St Mary the Virgin.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460225_Horbury St Peter & St Leonard.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460297_Lupset St George.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460311_Middlestown St Luke.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460329_Normanton All Saints.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460335_Ossett & Gawthorpe.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460338_Outwood St Mary Magdalene.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460370_Ryhill St James.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460372_Sandal Magna St Helen.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460373_Sandal St Catherine.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460380_Sharlston St Luke.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460399_South Ossett Christ Church.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460414_Stanley St Peter.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460426_Thornes St James.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460444_Wakefield St Andrew & St Mary.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460445_Wakefield St John the Baptist.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460446_Wakefield St Michael.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460449_Warmfield St Peter.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460469_Woolley St Peter.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460471_Wrenthorpe St Anne.pdf

WENSLEY_460013_Ainderby Steeple w Yafforth & Kirby Wiske w Maunby.pdf


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WENSLEY_460024_Askrigg St Oswald.pdf



WENSLEY_460049_Bellerby St John.pdf

WENSLEY_460067_Bolton St Oswald cum Redmire.pdf

WENSLEY_460123_Crakehall St Gregory.pdf

WENSLEY_460164_Finghall St Andrew.pdf


WENSLEY_460201_Hauxwell St Oswald.pdf

WENSLEY_460202_Hawes St Margaret.pdf

WENSLEY_460226_Hornby St Mary.pdf

WENSLEY_460258_Kirkby Fleetham w Langton on Swale & Scruton.pdf


WENSLEY_460280_Leeming St John the Baptist.pdf

WENSLEY_460282_Leyburn St Matthew.pdf

WENSLEY_460310_Middleham w Coverdale & East Witton & Thornton Steward.pdf

WENSLEY_460342_Patrick Brompton w Hunton.pdf

WENSLEY_460347_Preston-under-Scar cum Wensley.pdf

WENSLEY_460404_Spennithorne St Michael.pdf

WENSLEY_460413_Stalling Busk.pdf

WENSLEY_460430_Thornton Watlass St Mary the Virgin.pdf

WENSLEY_460453_West Witton St Bartholomew.pdf





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WHITKIRK_460169_Garforth St Mary the Virgin.pdf

WHITKIRK_460193_Halton St Wilfrid.pdf

WHITKIRK_460289_Lofthouse Christ Church.pdf

WHITKIRK_460300_Manston St James.pdf

WHITKIRK_460308_Methley St Oswald.pdf

WHITKIRK_460334_Osmondthorpe St Philip.pdf

WHITKIRK_460337_Oulton w Woodlesford St John.pdf

WHITKIRK_460366_Rothwell Holy Trinity.pdf


WHITKIRK_460422_Swillington St Mary.pdf

WHITKIRK_460425_Thorner St Peter.pdf

WHITKIRK_460457_Whitkirk St Mary.pdf



WHITKIRK_460506_Allerton Bywater.pdf


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