Parish dashboard data

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Aire and Worth_460029_Baildon St John the Evangelist.pdf

Aire and Worth_460055_Bingley All Saints.pdf

Aire and Worth_460056_Bingley Holy Trinity.pdf

Aire and Worth_460120_Cottingley St Michael & All Angels.pdf

Aire and Worth_460128_Cross Roads-cum-Lees St James.pdf

Aire and Worth_460130_Cullingworth St John the Evangelist.pdf

Aire and Worth_460140_Denholme.pdf

Aire and Worth_460204_Haworth St Michael & All Angels.pdf

Aire and Worth_460244_Ingrow St John the Evangelist.pdf

Aire and Worth_460321_Morton St Luke.pdf

Aire and Worth_460333_Oakworth Christ Church.pdf

Aire and Worth_460340_Oxenhope St Mary the Virgin.pdf

Aire and Worth_460360_Riddlesden St Mary the Virgin.pdf

Aire and Worth_460385_Shipley St Paul.pdf

Aire and Worth_460386_Shipley St Peter.pdf

Aire and Worth_460419_Steeton St Stephen.pdf

Aire and Worth_460462_Windhill Christ Church.pdf

Aire and Worth_460483_Harden.pdf

Aire and Worth_460484_Wilsden.pdf

Aire and Worth_460508_Keighley.pdf


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ALLERTON_460031_Bardsey All Hallows.pdf

ALLERTON_460087_St. Agnes, Burmantofts, Leeds.pdf

ALLERTON_460100_Chapel Allerton St Matthew.pdf

ALLERTON_460272_Leeds City.pdf

ALLERTON_460273_Leeds, Gipton Church of the Epiphany.pdf

ALLERTON_460276_Leeds St Cyprian & St James.pdf

ALLERTON_460279_Leeds St Wilfrid.pdf

ALLERTON_460346_St Martin, Potternewton w All Souls, Little London.pdf

ALLERTON_460358_Richmond Hill, Leeds.pdf

ALLERTON_460367_Roundhay St Edmund.pdf

ALLERTON_460368_Roundhay St John the Evangelist.pdf

ALLERTON_460492_Moor Allerton and Shadwell.pdf

ALLERTON_460509_Leeds St Aidan.pdf


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ALMONDBURY_460018_Almondbury w Farnley Tyas Team Parish.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460103_Christ the King, Meltham.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460223_Honley St Mary.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460263_Kirkheaton St John the Baptist.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460281_Lepton St John.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460316_Moldgreen Christ Church.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460326_Newsome & Armitage Bridge St John the Evangelist.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460357_Rawthorpe St James.pdf

ALMONDBURY_460396_South Crosland Holy Trinity.pdf


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ARMLEY_460022_Armley w New Wortley.pdf

ARMLEY_460048_Belle Isle & Hunslet.pdf

ARMLEY_460079_Bramley St Peter.pdf

ARMLEY_460084_Bruntcliffe St Andrew.pdf

ARMLEY_460092_Calverley St Wilfrid.pdf

ARMLEY_460144_Drighlington St Paul.pdf

ARMLEY_460147_East Ardsley St Michael.pdf

ARMLEY_460159_Farsley St John the Evangelist.pdf

ARMLEY_460173_Gildersome St Peter.pdf


ARMLEY_460319_Morley St Paul.pdf

ARMLEY_460320_Morley St Peter.pdf

ARMLEY_460348_Pudsey St Lawrence & St Paul.pdf

ARMLEY_460415_Stanningley St Thomas.pdf

ARMLEY_460440_Upper Armley Christ Church.pdf

ARMLEY_460467_Woodkirk St Mary.pdf

ARMLEY_460470_Wortley and Farnley.pdf

ARMLEY_460475_Wyther The Venerable Bede.pdf

ARMLEY_460490_Cross Green.pdf




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BARNSLEY_460025_Athersley St Helen.pdf

BARNSLEY_460035_Barnsley St Edward the Confessor.pdf

BARNSLEY_460036_Barnsley St George's Parish Centre.pdf

BARNSLEY_460037_Barnsley St Mary.pdf

BARNSLEY_460038_Barnsley St Peter & St John the Baptist.pdf

BARNSLEY_460096_Carlton St John the Evangelist.pdf

BARNSLEY_460099_Cawthorne All Saints.pdf

BARNSLEY_460129_Cudworth St John the baptist.pdf

BARNSLEY_460137_Darton All Saints.pdf

BARNSLEY_460142_Dodworth St John the Baptist.pdf

BARNSLEY_460161_Felkirk St Peter.pdf

BARNSLEY_460171_Gawber St Thomas.pdf

BARNSLEY_460185_Grimethorpe w Brierley.pdf

BARNSLEY_460231_Hoylandswaine St John the Evangelist.pdf

BARNSLEY_460296_Lundwood St Mary Magdalene.pdf

BARNSLEY_460317_Monk Bretton St Paul.pdf

BARNSLEY_460369_Royston St John the Baptist.pdf

BARNSLEY_460388_Silkstone All Saints.pdf

BARNSLEY_460410_Staincross St John the Evangelist.pdf


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BIRSTALL_460059_Birkenshaw St Paul.pdf

BIRSTALL_460060_Birstall St Peter.pdf

BIRSTALL_460083_Brownhill St Saviour.pdf

BIRSTALL_460109_Cleckheaton St. Luke.pdf

BIRSTALL_460110_Cleckheaton St John the Evangelist.pdf

BIRSTALL_460178_Gomersal St Mary.pdf

BIRSTALL_460200_Hartshead with Hightown.pdf

BIRSTALL_460210_Heckmondwike St James.pdf

BIRSTALL_460288_Liversedge Christ Church.pdf

BIRSTALL_460364_Roberttown All Saints.pdf

BIRSTALL_460375_Scholes St Philip & St James.pdf

BIRSTALL_460499_Whitechapel, Cleckheaton.pdf


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Bowland and Ewecross_460026_Austwick The Epiphany.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460051_Bentham.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460091_Burton-in-Lonsdale All Saints.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460101_Chapel-le-Dale St Leonard.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460104_Clapham with Keasden St James.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460114_Coniston Cold St Peter.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460170_Gargrave St Andrew.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460172_Giggleswick St Alkelda.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460211_Hellifield St Aidan.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460229_Horton-in-Ribblesdale St Oswald.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460243_Ingleton St Mary the Virgin.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460262_Kirkby-in-Malhamdale St Michael the Archangel.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460270_Langcliffe St John the Evangelist.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460290_Long Preston St Mary the Virgin.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460354_Rathmell Holy Trinity.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460379_Settle Holy Ascension.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460394_Slaidburn St Andrew.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460411_Stainforth St Peter.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460432_Thornton-in-Lonsdale St Oswald.pdf

Bowland and Ewecross_460439_Tosside St Bartholomew.pdf


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BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460032_Barkisland Christ Church.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460080_Brighouse Saint Martin.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460112_Coley St John the Baptist.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460151_Elland St. Mary the Virgin.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460183_Greetland & West Vale St Thomas.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460283_Lightcliffe St Matthew.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460331_Northowram St Matthew.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460352_Rastrick St John the Divine.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460353_Rastrick St Matthew.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460363_Ripponden St Bartholomew.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460374_Scammonden St. Bartholomew.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460412_Stainland.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460496_Hove Edge Saint Chad.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460497_Clifton Saint John.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460498_Elland All Saints,.pdf

BRIGHOUSE & ELLAND_460503_Outlane.pdf


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C'dral, Unkn or Extra-Paroch_460001_Ripon Cathedral Parish with Littlethorpe.pdf

C'dral, Unkn or Extra-Paroch_460062_Bishop Monkton St John the Baptist.pdf

C'dral, Unkn or Extra-Paroch_460090_Burton Leonard St Leonard.pdf

C'dral, Unkn or Extra-Paroch_460381_Sharow w Copt Hewick & Marton-le-Moor.pdf


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CALDER VALLEY_460119_Cornholme St Michael & All Angels.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460122_Cragg Vale St John the Baptist-in-the-Wilderness.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460209_Hebden Bridge St James.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460213_Heptonstall St Thomas a Becket & St Thomas the Apostle.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460295_Luddenden w Luddendenfoot.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460323_Mytholmroyd.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460328_Norland.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460403_Sowerby St Peter.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460436_Todmorden St Mary.pdf

CALDER VALLEY_460447_Walsden St Peter.pdf


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DEWSBURY_460041_Batley All Saints.pdf

DEWSBURY_460042_Batley St Thomas.pdf

DEWSBURY_460043_Battyeford Christ the King.pdf

DEWSBURY_460095_Carlinghow St John the Evangelist.pdf

DEWSBURY_460141_Dewsbury Team Parish.pdf

DEWSBURY_460195_Hanging Heaton St Paul.pdf

DEWSBURY_460314_Mirfield Team Parish.pdf

DEWSBURY_460349_Purlwell St Andrew.pdf

DEWSBURY_460355_Ravensthorpe St Saviour.pdf

DEWSBURY_460409_Staincliffe Christ Church.pdf

DEWSBURY_460427_Thornhill Lees Holy Innocents w St Mary.pdf

DEWSBURY_460428_Thornhill St Michael & All Angels.pdf

DEWSBURY_460458_Whitley Lower St Mary & St Michael.pdf


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Fresh expressions of Church_467012_Sorted.pdf

Fresh expressions of Church_467013_Kairos.pdf

Fresh expressions of Church_467014_The Eldwick Church.pdf

Fresh expressions of Church_467015_Riverside Church.pdf

Fresh expressions of Church_467016_Saturday Gathering.pdf


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HALIFAX_460077_Bradshaw St John the Evangelist.pdf

HALIFAX_460105_Claremount St Thomas the Apostle.pdf

HALIFAX_460188_Halifax All Saints.pdf

HALIFAX_460189_Halifax Holy Trinity & St Judes.pdf

HALIFAX_460190_Halifax St Augustine.pdf

HALIFAX_460191_Halifax St Hilda.pdf

HALIFAX_460192_Halifax The Minster Church of St John the Baptist.pdf

HALIFAX_460221_Holmfield St Andrew.pdf

HALIFAX_460252_King Cross St Paul.pdf

HALIFAX_460315_Mixenden Holy Nativity.pdf

HALIFAX_460322_Mount Pellon Christ Church.pdf

HALIFAX_460339_Ovenden St George the Martyr.pdf

HALIFAX_460387_Siddal St Mark.pdf

HALIFAX_460401_Southowram St Anne-in-the-Grove.pdf

HALIFAX_460402_Sowerby Bridge Christ Church.pdf

HALIFAX_460448_Warley St John the Evangelist.pdf


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HARROGATE_460044_Beckwithshaw St Michael & All Angels.pdf

HARROGATE_460054_Bilton St Luke & St John.pdf

HARROGATE_460061_Birstwith St James.pdf

HARROGATE_460113_Collingham St Oswald w Harewood.pdf


HARROGATE_460158_Farnley All Saints.pdf

HARROGATE_460163_Fewston St Michael & St Lawrence.pdf

HARROGATE_460194_Hampsthwaite & Killinghall.pdf

HARROGATE_460198_Harrogate St Mark.pdf

HARROGATE_460199_Harrogate St Wilfrid.pdf

HARROGATE_460215_High Harrogate Christ Church.pdf

HARROGATE_460216_High Harrogate St Peter.pdf

HARROGATE_460260_Kirkby Overblow w Sicklinghall.pdf


HARROGATE_460271_Leathley St Oswald.pdf

HARROGATE_460327_Nidd St Paul & St Margaret.pdf

HARROGATE_460341_Pannal St Robert of Knaresborough.pdf

HARROGATE_460345_Pool and Arthington.pdf

HARROGATE_460405_Spofforth w Kirk Deighton.pdf

HARROGATE_460416_Starbeck St Andrew.pdf

HARROGATE_460450_Weeton w North Rigton & Stainburn.pdf

HARROGATE_460454_Weston All Saints.pdf

HARROGATE_460455_Wetherby St James.pdf






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HEADINGLEY_460012_Adel St John the Baptist.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460078_Bramhope St Giles.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460085_Burley St Matthias.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460116_Cookridge Holy Trinity.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460156_Far Headingley St Chad.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460187_Guiseley St Oswald King & Martyr.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460203_Hawksworth Wood St Mary w Moor Grange.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460205_Headingley St Michael.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460227_Horsforth St Margaret.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460245_Ireland Wood St Paul.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460265_Kirkstall St Stephen.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460277_Leeds St George.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460278_Leeds St Margaret & All Hallows.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460305_Meanwood Holy Trinity.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460336_Otley All Saints.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460356_Rawdon St Peter.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460465_Woodhouse & Wrangthorn.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460468_Woodside St James.pdf

HEADINGLEY_460476_Yeadon St John the Evangelist.pdf


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HUDDERSFIELD_460057_Birchencliffe St Philip the Apostle.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460076_Bradley St Thomas.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460126_Crosland Moor St Barnabas.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460177_Golcar St John the Evangelist.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460233_Huddersfield All Saints & St Thomas.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460234_Huddersfield Holy Trinity.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460235_Huddersfield St Peter.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460284_Lindley St Stephen.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460285_Linthwaite Christ Church.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460291_Longwood St Mark the Evangelist.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460302_Marsden St Bartholomew.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460395_Slaithwaite w East Scammonden St James.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460466_Woodhouse Christ Church.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460493_St. Cuthbert Birkby Huddersfield.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460494_St. John the Evangelist Huddersfield.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460495_St. Francis Fixby & St. Hilda Cowcliffe, Huddersfield.pdf

HUDDERSFIELD_460500_Huddersfield The Net.pdf


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Inner Bradford_460030_Bankfoot St Matthew.pdf

Inner Bradford_460069_Bowling St John.pdf

Inner Bradford_460070_Bowling St Stephen.pdf

Inner Bradford_460072_Bradford St Augustine.pdf

Inner Bradford_460073_Bradford St Clement.pdf

Inner Bradford_460074_Bradford St Oswald.pdf

Inner Bradford_460075_Bradford St Wilfrid with St Columba.pdf

Inner Bradford_460168_Frizinghall St Margaret.pdf

Inner Bradford_460179_Great Horton St John the Evangelist.pdf

Inner Bradford_460228_Horton All Saints.pdf

Inner Bradford_460424_Thornbury St Margaret.pdf

Inner Bradford_460437_Toller Lane St Chad.pdf

Inner Bradford_460464_Woodhall & Waterloo.pdf

Inner Bradford_460510_Girlington, Heaton and Manningham.pdf


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KIRKBURTON_460106_Clayton West w High Hoyland All Saints.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460131_Cumberworth St Nicholas.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460138_Denby Dale Holy Trinity.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460139_Denby St John the Evangelist.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460153_Emley St Michael the Archangel.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460165_Flockton-cum-Denby Grange St James the Great.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460214_Hepworth Holy Trinity.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460220_Holmbridge St David.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460222_Holmfirth Holy Trinity.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460257_Kirkburton All Hallows.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460324_Netherthong All Saints.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460325_New Mill Christ Church.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460376_Scissett St Augustine.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460383_Shelley Emmanuel.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460384_Shepley St Paul.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460390_Skelmanthorpe St Aidan.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460434_Thurstonland St Thomas.pdf

KIRKBURTON_460442_Upperthong St John the Evangelist.pdf



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Outer Bradford_460017_Allerton St Peter.pdf

Outer Bradford_460053_Bierley St John the Evangelist.pdf

Outer Bradford_460066_Bolton St James with St Chrysostom.pdf

Outer Bradford_460107_Clayton St John the Baptist.pdf

Outer Bradford_460149_Eccleshill St Luke.pdf

Outer Bradford_460155_Fairweather Green St Saviour.pdf

Outer Bradford_460182_Greengates St John the Evangelist.pdf

Outer Bradford_460240_Idle Holy Trinity.pdf

Outer Bradford_460351_Queensbury Holy Trinity.pdf

Outer Bradford_460382_Shelf St Michael & All Angels.pdf

Outer Bradford_460431_Thornton St James.pdf

Outer Bradford_460433_Thorpe Edge St John the Divine.pdf

Outer Bradford_460438_Laisterdyke & Tong St James.pdf

Outer Bradford_460460_Wibsey, St Paul.pdf

Outer Bradford_460472_Wrose St Cuthbert.pdf

Outer Bradford_460480_Oakenshaw.pdf

Outer Bradford_460481_Low Moor.pdf

Outer Bradford_460482_Wyke.pdf


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PONTEFRACT_460010_Ackworth St Cuthbert.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460014_Airedale Holy Cross.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460028_Badsworth St Mary the Virgin.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460081_Brotherton St Edward the Confessor.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460094_Carleton St Michael.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460097_Castleford Team Parish.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460136_Darrington St Luke & All Saints.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460148_East Hardwick St Stephen.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460160_Featherstone All Saints.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460162_Ferrybridge St Andrew.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460212_Hemsworth St Helen.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460249_Kellington St Edmund.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460253_Kinsley with Wragby.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460256_Kirk Smeaton St Peter.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460267_Knottingley St Botolph.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460343_Pontefract All Saints.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460344_Pontefract St Giles w St Mary.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460350_Purston with South Featherstone St Thomas.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460397_South Elmsall St Mary the Virgin with Moorthorpe SS Peter and Paul.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460398_South Kirkby All Saints.pdf

PONTEFRACT_460463_Womersley St Martin.pdf


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RICHMOND_460033_Barningham St Michael & All Angels.pdf


RICHMOND_460058_Birkby St Peter.pdf

RICHMOND_460068_Bowes St Giles.pdf

RICHMOND_460098_Catterick St Anne.pdf

RICHMOND_460108_Cleasby w Stapleton St Peter.pdf


RICHMOND_460135_Danby Wiske w Hutton Bonville.pdf

RICHMOND_460143_Downholme & Marske St Michael & All Angels.pdf

RICHMOND_460146_Easby with Brompton on Swale and Bolton on Swale.pdf


RICHMOND_460166_Forcett w Aldborough & Melsonby.pdf

RICHMOND_460174_Gilling St Agatha.pdf

RICHMOND_460181_Great Smeaton St Eloy w Appleton Wiske.pdf

RICHMOND_460218_Hipswell St John the Evangelist.pdf

RICHMOND_460239_Hutton Magna St Mary.pdf

RICHMOND_460261_Kirkby Ravensworth.pdf


RICHMOND_460298_Manfield All Saints.pdf


RICHMOND_460312_Middleton Tyas w Moulton.pdf

RICHMOND_460359_Richmond w Holy Trinity w Hudswell.pdf

RICHMOND_460365_Romaldkirk St Romald.pdf

RICHMOND_460417_Startforth & Rokeby Holy Trinity w Brignall.pdf

RICHMOND_460421_Swaledale w Arkengarthdale.pdf

RICHMOND_460423_The Cowtons All Saints.pdf

RICHMOND_460473_Wycliffe St Mary.pdf


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RIPON_460015_Aldborough w Boroughbridge St James & Roecliffe.pdf

RIPON_460063_Bishop Thornton St John the Evangelist.pdf

RIPON_460132_Cundall w Norton-le-Clay.pdf

RIPON_460133_Dacre Holy Trinity.pdf


RIPON_460180_Great Ouseburn St Mary.pdf

RIPON_460184_Grewelthorpe St James.pdf

RIPON_460206_Healey St Paul.pdf

RIPON_460255_Kirby-on-the-Moor All Saints.pdf

RIPON_460259_Kirkby Malzeard with Dallowgill.pdf

RIPON_460287_Little Ouseburn Holy Trinity.pdf

RIPON_460294_Lower Nidderdale.pdf

RIPON_460301_Markington St Michael.pdf

RIPON_460303_Marton cum Grafton Christ Church.pdf

RIPON_460304_Masham St Mary the Virgin.pdf

RIPON_460309_Mickley St John the Evangelist.pdf

RIPON_460330_North Stainley St Mary the Virgin.pdf


RIPON_460362_Ripon Holy Trinity.pdf

RIPON_460391_Skelton cum Newby St Helen.pdf

RIPON_460400_South Stainley St Wilfrid.pdf

RIPON_460441_Upper Nidderdale St Cuthbert.pdf

RIPON_460451_Well St Michael.pdf

RIPON_460452_West Tanfield St Nicholas.pdf

RIPON_460459_Whixley w Green Hammerton.pdf

RIPON_460491_Burnt Yates.pdf


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SKIPTON_460023_Arncliffe with Halton Gill St Oswald.pdf

SKIPTON_460034_Barnoldswick Holy Trinity.pdf

SKIPTON_460064_Bolton Abbey St Mary & St Cuthbert.pdf

SKIPTON_460071_Bracewell St Michael.pdf

SKIPTON_460082_Broughton, Marton and Thornton.pdf

SKIPTON_460088_Burnsall St Wilfrid.pdf

SKIPTON_460093_Carleton St Mary the Virgin.pdf

SKIPTON_460145_Earby All Saints.pdf

SKIPTON_460152_Embsay St Mary the Virgin.pdf

SKIPTON_460232_Hubberholme St Michael & All Angels.pdf

SKIPTON_460248_Kelbrook St Mary.pdf

SKIPTON_460250_Kettlewell St Mary.pdf

SKIPTON_460286_Linton St Michael.pdf

SKIPTON_460371_Rylstone St Peter.pdf

SKIPTON_460392_Skipton Christ Church.pdf

SKIPTON_460393_Skipton Holy Trinity.pdf


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South Craven and Wharfedale_460011_Addingham St Peter.pdf

South Craven and Wharfedale_460050_Ben Rhydding St John the Evangelist.pdf

South Craven and Wharfedale_460086_Burley-in-Wharfedale St Mary the Blessed Virgin.pdf

South Craven and Wharfedale_460115_Cononley St John the Evangelist.pdf

South Craven and Wharfedale_460121_Cowling Holy Trinity.pdf

South Craven and Wharfedale_460241_Ilkley All Saints.pdf

South Craven and Wharfedale_460242_Ilkley St Margaret.pdf

South Craven and Wharfedale_460251_Kildwick St Andrew.pdf

South Craven and Wharfedale_460292_Lothersdale Christ Church.pdf

South Craven and Wharfedale_460307_Menston St John the Divine.pdf

South Craven and Wharfedale_460389_Silsden St James.pdf

South Craven and Wharfedale_460420_Sutton-in-Craven St Thomas.pdf


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WAKEFIELD_460019_Altofts St Mary Magdalene.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460020_AlverthorpeSt Paul.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460102_Chapelthorpe St James.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460125_Crofton All Saints.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460224_Horbury Junction St Mary the Virgin.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460225_Horbury St Peter & St Leonard.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460297_Lupset St George.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460311_Middlestown St Luke.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460329_Normanton All Saints.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460335_Ossett & Gawthorpe.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460338_Outwood St Mary Magdalene.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460370_Ryhill St James.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460372_Sandal Magna St Helen.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460373_St Catherine, Belle Vue.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460380_Sharlston St Luke.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460399_South Ossett Christ Church.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460414_Stanley St Peter.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460426_Thornes St James.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460444_Wakefield St Andrew & St Mary.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460445_Wakefield St John the Baptist.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460446_Wakefield St Michael.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460449_Warmfield St Peter.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460469_Woolley St Peter.pdf

WAKEFIELD_460471_Wrenthorpe St Anne.pdf


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WENSLEY_460013_Ainderby Steeple w Yafforth & Kirby Wiske w Maunby.pdf

WENSLEY_460024_Askrigg St Oswald.pdf



WENSLEY_460049_Bellerby St John.pdf

WENSLEY_460067_Bolton St Oswald cum Redmire.pdf

WENSLEY_460123_Crakehall St Gregory.pdf

WENSLEY_460164_Finghall St Andrew.pdf


WENSLEY_460201_Hauxwell St Oswald.pdf

WENSLEY_460202_Hawes St Margaret.pdf

WENSLEY_460226_Hornby St Mary.pdf

WENSLEY_460258_Kirkby Fleetham w Langton on Swale & Scruton.pdf


WENSLEY_460280_Leeming St John the Baptist.pdf

WENSLEY_460282_Leyburn St Matthew.pdf

WENSLEY_460310_Middleham w Coverdale & East Witton & Thornton Steward.pdf

WENSLEY_460342_Patrick Brompton w Hunton.pdf

WENSLEY_460347_Preston-under-Scar cum Wensley.pdf

WENSLEY_460404_Spennithorne St Michael.pdf

WENSLEY_460413_Stalling Busk.pdf

WENSLEY_460430_Thornton Watlass St Mary the Virgin.pdf

WENSLEY_460453_West Witton St Bartholomew.pdf





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WHITKIRK_460169_Garforth St Mary the Virgin.pdf

WHITKIRK_460193_Halton St Wilfrid.pdf

WHITKIRK_460289_Lofthouse Christ Church.pdf

WHITKIRK_460300_Manston St James.pdf

WHITKIRK_460308_Methley St Oswald.pdf

WHITKIRK_460334_Osmondthorpe St Philip.pdf

WHITKIRK_460337_Oulton w Woodlesford St John.pdf

WHITKIRK_460366_Rothwell Holy Trinity.pdf


WHITKIRK_460422_Swillington St Mary.pdf

WHITKIRK_460425_Thorner St Peter.pdf

WHITKIRK_460457_Whitkirk St Mary.pdf



WHITKIRK_460506_Allerton Bywater.pdf


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