Parish Giving Scheme

Parish Giving Scheme is coming to our Diocese

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The Parish Giving Scheme  (or PGS for short)  is an established planned giving scheme for churches that will be launched across the Diocese in January 2020. It is already being used by 27  Church of England Dioceses across the UK. 

The scheme, originally developed by the Diocese of Gloucester in 2008,  collects regular donations via a Direct Debit facility.  Once a parish has registered with the PGS, members of its congregation can make donations on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis  via a direct debit from their  bank account by completing a PGS Gift Form and sending directly to the PGS team.

The PGS team set up direct debits to come out of donor accounts on the 1st  day of the month and ensure that donations arrive in the church's bank account on the 10th day of the month. The PGS will also claim any eligible Gift Aid on donations.  Any claimed Gift Aid then arrives in the church's bank account at a later date in the month once released  by HMRC.

All administration work required to collect the donations and claim Gift Aid is carried out by the Parish Giving Scheme team therefore significantly reducing the burden of financial administration currently experienced by PCC  treasurers and Gift Aid secretaries.

Parishes in the Diocese of Leeds can register to join the Parish Giving Scheme following the official launch of the PGS in January 2020. The PGS is currently being piloted across the Diocese until the end of 2019.   

Have a look at the PGS explanatory wheel below which decribes the monthly timeline for the collection of donations through the PGS.

You can also watch a short video on How the Parish Giving Scheme Works below

"Trailblazing" Parishes Pilot the PGS

11 Parishes across the Diocese have enthusiastically signed up to take part in the PGS pilot which is running from August to December this year. There are at least 2 parishes from each of our 5 episcopal areas taking part. The full list of pilot parishes can be seen in the table below. 

PGS Pilot Parishes in the Diocese of Leeds


 Pilot Parish

Episcopal Area

St John the Evangelist Baildon Bradford
St Peter Shipley Bradford
St Margaret Horsforth Leeds
St Lawrence & St Paul Pudsey Leeds
St Giles Bramhope Leeds
All Saints Pontefract Wakefield
Trinity Church Ossett Wakefield
St Mary the Virgin Mirfield Huddersfield
Minster Church of All Saints Dewsbury Huddersfield
St Wilfrid Harrogate Ripon
St Mary the Virgin Embsay with Easby Ripon


Each pilot parish has agreed to test the PGS by encouraging approx 10 -15 of  their PCC members and congregation to become donors using the PGS and therefore giving regularly to their church via direct debit. A few of the parishes started their pilots in August and so will soon be receiving their first PGS statement, the remaining parishes will start their pilot on 1st September. Keep checking this page to read their feedback and find out how the PGS is working for them.

Peter Edwards, from St Mary the Virgin  ( Embsay with Easby)  who started its Parish Giving Scheme pilot in August, has already said on the completion of the donor Gift Forms:

"Our experience of people signing up has been smooth. We have found that the first 10 people did not need much persuasion to switch to the scheme once they had heard about how it worked and about potential benefits to the parish"

To find out more about the potential benefits to your parish if you join the PGS in January 2020 watch this Facebook live presentation by Janet Edmond, Stewardship Officer for the Diocese of Leeds

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