Parishes are the building blocks of the Church of England. Every post code in England is part of a parish, and the vicar, minister, priest or rector is there to look after everyone in that parish, not just the people who come to church on a Sunday. That's one of the reasons why the Church of England is so actively involved in local communities.

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Of course, you might be asking...

Why bother getting involved? 

Your local parish church has much more to offer you than just traditional Anglican services. Many also offer:

  • contemporary 'Fresh Expressions' of church
  • youth groups, junior church, messy church and Sunday school
  • mums' groups
  • men's groups
  • prayer and bible study groups
  • music groups and choirs
  • mid-week and morning drop-in groups
  • Mothers' Union well as support for the highs and the lows of life.

In fact, the Church of England is one of the largest voluntary organisations in the country. For example, the Church of England provides activities outside church worship in the local community for 407,000 children and young people (aged under 16 years) and 32,900 young people (aged 16 to 25 years).

So young or old, rich or poor, the Church of England has something for you.

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