On the Road Fresh Expressions Conference

On a very cold Saturday 25 November the Anglican branch of the Fresh Expressions family came together in York for their annual gathering “On the Road.” The day was packed, with lots of Leeds Diocese delegates in the mix, illuminating and providing plenty that enabled us to go back home a little more equipped for the task of reaching and discipling new people. 

The name ‘One the Road’ came from Archbishop Sentamu, the Archbishop of York.  “Jesus was not in the Temples or the Synagogues but on the road, talking with people, spreading the good news etc. We need to be the same.”

On the Road

Several hundred people were at the day.  The programme was hosted by a number of churches in York and featured a track for those new to Fresh Expressions, 1-1 consultations as well as times gathered together.The day began with an address by Archbishop John Sentamu on Romans 1 and 8 as he urged us to have confidence in the Gospel because of:

1. Its origins : it is the Gospel of the person of Christ!

2. Its operation: it is the power of God in difficult situations

3. Its outcome: deliverance and forgiveness

4. Its outreach: it is for everyone

I particularly appreciated the Farsi congregations session as it demonstrated a fast-growing work in our own diocese and it reminded me to pray for all those God is calling to work with asylum seekers who are not just on the edge of church but so often on the edge of society. Please keep them and leaders reaching new people in your prayers this week.


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