Rolling out Superfast Broadband in the Ripon Episcopal Area

Briefing on the Roll Out of Superfast Broadband in the Ripon Episcopal Area

Andy Ryland, Rural officer writes: 

Rural Broadband

One of the acknowledged issues for rural areas is the lack of high speed broadband with many areas experiencing download speeds of less than 2mbs. With speeds as low as this it’s very slow to download large image files and documents such as spreadsheets and databases. It’s also painfully slow to stream BBC IPlayer programmes, which keep stopping to buffer and playing interactive games and video conferencing is impossible.

For people running a rural business or farming, high quality internet access isn’t just a luxury it’s essential, especially with many DEFRA and other forms requiring to be completed on line. Young people are also disadvantaged when their contemporaries are researching school or college projects online with ease while they struggle with a slow connection.  It’s no wonder many people become frustrated at the speed of their internet service, when communities in nearby towns and cities have a superfast internet service.

The good news is that North Yorkshire County Council, along with its partners who form the Superfast North Yorkshire team, are leading from the front in the delivery of high quality broadband services to rural communities. 

Superfast North Yorkshire has a vision for all premises in the county  to have access to a high quality broadband service by 2017 and are already on target for 90% of premises to have access to download speeds of 25Mps and above by the end of 2014.

The final 10% will be delivered using a variety of technologies including: further upgrades of the BT network, the provision of fixed wireless broadband and satellite.

To check if fibre broadband is coming to your area see the map at:

If you are in County Durham see the map at:


It is important to remember, that if you live in an area where superfast broadband has been enabled, you still have to contact an internet service provider, of your choice, to upgrade. It does not automatically happen!  You can find a list of potential suppliers at the link below:

In many rural areas it is not yet possible to deliver superfast broadband via the telephone system.  In many areas fixed wireless broadband is available, which will provide you with a high quality broadband service.

Five companies provide fixed wireless broadband to areas within the Ripon Episcopal area these are listed here - the map shows the area covered by each company :

  • Clannet (Vale of Mowbray)

Click here for Map

01757 668179

  • I Love Broadband (Great Ouseburn, Dunsforths, RAF Leeming, Darley, Appletreewich, Upper Wharfedale, Horton in Ribblesdale, Bradley, Broughton)

Click here for Map

0845 643 5811

  • Network by Wireless (Lower Wensleydale)

Click here for Map One

Click here for Map Two

0845 123 1520

  • Boundless  (South of Settle)

Click here for Map

01257 752555

  • Comtek (Teesdale District)

Click here for Map

01388 567120

The areas covered are gradually evolving so the maps may not be fully up to date so do enquire if a company there network is close-by.  

If you are in North Yorkshire and a high quality broadband service is not yet available in your area, it’s important that you register your interest at the link on the page: so that you can be emailed as soon as improved options become available.

If you have any questions re the delivery of high quality broadband to your area, email the superfast team at /Users/johnc/Documents/A%20WYAD%20Bulletin/June%2020/info [at]" rel="nofollow">info [at] or digital.durham [at]

Or contact with Andy Ryland a Rural Officer with the Diocese who also works for Rural Action Yorkshire on the delivery of Superfast Broadband to the rural areas of North Yorkshire. andy.ryland [at]

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