Toilet twinning helps flush away poverty

St Peters, Morley has raised £360 for the Toilet Twinning Project - to help six villages somewhere in the world.

A third of the world’s population don’t have a loo, which means a huge increase in the risks of diarrhoea and dysentery, as well as snake bites, rape and abduction as people are forced to use the bush, rivers and isolated places.

The Revd Mike Godfrey says, "St Peter's was packed for its Harvest Cafe Church service with our Uniformed Groups parading. We had a great time exploring toilets around the world and learning how important something we all take for granted is. We enjoyed ‘spending a penny’ by throwing money we had collected into a real toilet (it wasn't connected!). That £360 means we have twinned every toilet in the church and church hall; each will now carry a unique framed picture of that other toilet we have supported.

"With just a little help showing people how to build a suitable loo, teaching about basic hygiene and hand washing, people’s lives can be transformed."

Anyone can join in. Just go to



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