Trainee priests on the run - for a good cause

The Holy Hounds Six trainee Church of England priests – and one chef- will be running to raise money for a local hospice by taking part in the gruelling Wolf Run in Warwickshire in April.

The 'Holy Hounds', as the group have called themselves, are (left to right): Eddie Carr, Gemma Sampson, Ben Simmons ('Chef Ben'), Trudy Hobson, Patrick Griffin, Charlie Annis, and John Russell.

They are all at the College of the Resurrection in Mirfield and will be taking part in ten kilometre run  on Sat 11th April.  The run is noted as a tough slog through open ground, woodland, lakes & thick mud .

Any money the students raise will be going to  Kirkwood Hospice in Huddersfield and the group are aiming to raise  £2,000.

If you can help go to the  virginmoneygiving page:

All donations will be generously matched by an  anonymous donor . 

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