Wakefield Cathedral signs up to become a 'Safer Place'

Safer Places in Wakefield District logoWakefield Cathedral has just become a Safer Place as part of Wakefield District Council’s initiative to provide safe haven for the most vulnerable members of our community.

The Safer Places Scheme is a voluntary scheme that aims to help Wakefield’s vulnerable people with learning disabilities, autism and dementia to feel safer when travelling independently.  The confidence to travel independently is an important part of life. It means vulnerable people can maintain their independent living skills and enhances their wellbeing.  Premises that are open to the public such as shops, offices, stations and public buildings are being asked to become Safer Places. Safer Places are then identified by the Safer Places logo.

Vulnerable people who are members of the Safer Places Scheme carry a Safer Places Card with their name and the details of up to three people that can be contacted in the event that support is required.  If a vulnerable person arrives feeling unwell, confused, lost, or having been a victim of crime, staff in a Safer Place are asked to assist by contacting one of the named people or the emergency services. They then allow the vulnerable person to wait on the premises until the named person or police/ambulance arrives.

Head Verger Julie Lovell said
“I am delighted that Wakefield Cathedral has signed up to this initiative. The Cathedral has always been the focus for the community of Wakefield and joining this scheme formalises the support and care we have always offered to local vulnerable people.  The training we received was informative and interesting and we feel sure that, should someone find themselves at a loss near the Cathedral, we can offer them the help they need to get home safely.”

For more information about the scheme, please visit the Wakefield District Council website.

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