The Wakefield Mysteries

The Wakefield Mysteries posterA brand new, modern re-telling of the Wakefield Mystery Plays is to be performed in Wakefield Cathedral this summer.

The Wakefield Mysteries are a series of plays written by the City’s Guilds in the Middle Ages to tell the story of the bible.

In this striking new production from Theatre Royal Wakefield, written by Nick Lane and directed by Andrew Loretto the plays are given a 21st century kick. Rolling news, rap battles, poetry slams and TV debate shows mix with modernised rhyme in this funny and gripping look at the old and new testaments as well as the city’s own recent history.

Young performers of Wakefield MysteriesTaking place at Wakefield Cathedral in promenade style and performed by a local cast of incredibly talented young performers – local young people alongside professional actors. This will be an experience not to be missed. 

The production is in two halves:
Part I – The Fall & Rise and
Part II - The Price of Love.

Thursday 11 – Saturday 20 August at Wakefield Cathedral.
See which part is being performed when here.

Tickets are available from the Box Office, Theatre Royal Wakefield.
Tickets: Part I £10, Part II £10, Parts I & II £17.50

Please note this production is performed in promenade style, which means that the audience follows the action around the venue, inside and out. Seating will be provided for those with limited mobility.
Age recommendation 12A.

Part I - The Fall & Rise: Dates & Times
Part II - The Price of Love: Dates & Times

View a snippet of the production:


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