Watch Brenda's story: latest in justpray campaign from Halifax homeless centre

Brenda's story is the latest short dramatic film to be released by the Church of England to promote the message that prayer is for everyone on the justpray website. 

Hers is the latest in a series of films based around Psalm 22 - all starring men and women who came to faith through the homeless night shelter and food drop in run by Christians Together in Calderdale - an ecumenical project that has seen over 90 new Christians come to faith in the last three years through the Saturday Gathering, a fresh expression of church in Halifax.

Brenda, a former white witch, heavily into the local Wicca movement, came to faith after the death of her mother. She started volunteering at the homeless shelter in the town centre and stumbled into worship at the Saturday Gathering one evening while on duty and was overwhelmed by the love she experienced there. 

"That was a time when I know I was baptised with the Holy Spirit. The first time I've felt the presence of God like that, ever. And I've never felt it since. ....And I know that was my baptism that night. I know it," she said.

She now leads Bible studies and wants to be ordained into the Church of England.

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The Psalm 22 project was launched on Ash Wednesday with the first film starring Emma, 24 who came to faith a year ago and still struggles with questions and doubt; but knows without God in her life, she would still be drinking and taking drugs.

Rob's story was the second film - Rob was homeless for years and survived life on the streets by hardening his heart and taking drugs. He was one of the first to come to faith through the Drop In centre. 

Next week is Howard's story, who after eight months clean of drugs, alcohol and crime, got baptized and immediately used drugs again. His story is a constant battle between walking in faith and having doubts but he tells us that without his faith, he’d be dead a long time ago.

Emma, Rob,  Brenda and Howard’s stories make up a series of dramatic short teaser films set to be released every week during Lent by the Church of England. The campaign to promote will conclude with the launch of a short form film on March 18 which casts the four main characters in their own interpretation of a scene from the Passion of Christ.

All the films will be released with an accompanying podcast on the justpray website which launched the Lords’ Prayer advert just before Christmas that was banned from the cinemas.

Funded by the All Churches Trust,, was launched last November to promote the message that prayer is for everyone. The website is an interactive one stop digital hub for prayer – and since its launch has had more than 4m prayers prayed and the Lords Prayer film has been seen by over 2m people around the world.

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