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The buildings section supports Church Schools and Academies in the Diocese of Leeds in relation to all aspects of buildings-related projects.

If you need help with your buildings, please contact the property [at] leeds.anglican.org (subject: Education%20Building%20query) (Property Team)

Within the team, Emma Parsons (0113 353 0210) looks after schools in the Ripon Episcopal Area as part of her role within the Diocesan Property Team.  Currently there is a vacancy in respect of schools within the Bradford, Huddersfield, Leeds and Wakefield Episcopal Areas and in the meantime please e-mail the property [at] leeds.anglican.org (subject: Education%20Building%20Enquiry) (Property Team).

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What's Relevant to Your School?

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You will find information on the following property related topics.

Buildings Advice

In this section you will find advice on matters to do with school buildings and buildings in general. 

Buildings Development Plans

All schools and academies are encouraged to use a Buildings Development Plan when planning budgets for the school year, in conjunction with the consultants feasibly plans.  


The aim of the compliance document, School Tests Inspection Checklist, is to provide a summary of relevant responsibilities and to assist Headteachers and premises managers in implementing appropriate testing and inspection of systems and equipment within the school premises.  

Not all items may be applicable to your specific site and the list is in no way definitive, but is a guide to covering key areas.  This document cannot replace professional advice and Headteachers and premises managers are strongly advised to obtain such advice where required.


A range of forms are available to assist schools applying for approval to undertake building schemes. All schools and academies must obtain Board of Education and Trustees approval for any works carried out that have a minimum net value of £2,000 regardless of how these are funded. Trustee approval does not have to be obtained for IT Works. However, if you are in any doubt please contact emma.parsons [at] leeds.anglican.org (Emma Parsons).  


The Locally Co-ordinated Voluntary Aided Programme (LCVAP) is a capital-funded programme administered by the Education Funding Agency but which is devolved to the Diocese and the Local Authority. This funding is only available to Voluntary Aided Schools.  


Links covering a wide range of subjects including capital funding, buildings, academies and governance etc. can be found in the relevant school section.  These will be updated on a regular basis.

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