What is Mothers' Union?

Mary Sumner

Mary Sumner, a vicar’s wife near Winchester founded the Mothers’ Union nearly 140 years ago when her eldest daughter had a baby. It reminded her of when her own children were born: her feelings of inadequacy and the responsibility of caring for a new and vulnerable young life.

She believed that mothers needed to not only provide and care for their children’s physical needs but perhaps even more important was to raise them in the love of God. To do that, she believed our lives had to be rooted in prayer.

Initially a nervous speaker and living at a time when respectable women did not address public meetings, Mary’s ideas were radical and innovative.

Mary Sumner PrayerHer inspiration continues today in the work of the Mothers’ Union across the Diocese and across the world. More of what's happening locally here. The Mothers’ Union in West Yorkshire & the Dales aims to reach out creatively to support stable family life and promote a more just society. They do this though a variety of ways including campaigning and enabling. And like Mary Sumner, they believe that all that they do must be rooted in prayer.


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Mothers' Union membersMembers of the Mothers' Union are a diverse group of men and women
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