Dates for DAC Meetings and deadlines for submission


During the present restrictions on movement, the Committee is continuing its work online. Please continue to submit applications when you are ready, and we will advise you of the timescales that will apply. 

Table of submission and meeting dates

DAC meeting date

Deadline for submission

2020 Dates  
Tuesday 1st December 2020 Tuesday 17th November 2020
2021 dates  
Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Tuesday 16th March 2021

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Tuesday 27th April 2021  Tuesday 13th April 2021
Tuesday 1st June 2021     Tuesday 18th June 2021
Tuesday 20th July 2021   Tuesday 6th July 2021
Tuesday 14th September 2021

Tuesday 31st August 2021

Tuesday 26th October 2021     Tuesday 12th October 2021
Tuesday 7th December 2021 Tuesday 23rd November 2021
Petitioners are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as they are ready to do so.  Simpler applications may, at the discretion of the DAC Secretary, be processed more rapidly outside of meeting under delegated advice
For other applications, please note that meeting the deadline date does not guarantee that your application will be added to the agenda for the next meeting. Only applications which contain all necessary paperwork will be added to the agenda. In addition, some applications may require consultation with certain heritage bodies before they can be considered by the DAC. 
You are also advised to check if your application might be affected by the DAC's environmental guiding principles, as your paperwork will need to show that you have taken these into account if relevant. DAC staff can advise further about this, if in doubt.
If you are not sure whether your application has all the required paperwork or need further information about whether your application may require consultation, please contact the DAC. We can help to make sure you have done everything you need for your application to progress. Thank you.
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