Items available from other churches

Liturgical furniture and other items
available from churches in the Diocese of Leeds
for use in other churches – October 2019

General notes

Unless stated, items are available free of charge for church use although valuable items such as silverware may be subject to independent valuation and reasonable offer.  As a rule we generally give preference to Anglican churches in our own Diocese. Expressions of interest for secular use or from dealers will be considered but may be subject to negotiating a purchase price. The new owner in all cases would be expected to cover the costs of removal and transport.

For more details or to express interest in any of the items please contact:
Stephen Craven, Assistant DAC Secretary,
Diocese of Leeds, 0113 3530 274 or e-mail stephen.craven [at]

Several items from a closed church in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, available immediately unless noted otherwise:

Higher resolution photos, and dimensions etc., can be provided on request.

main altar Communion table ("high altar"), woooden with panelling,  214 x 69 x 99 cm.









 sanctuary chairs Two sanctuary / "Bishop's" chairs (not a matching pair).









choir stalls  Four choir stalls and two frontals (illustration of detail only). Lengths not given.









nave pews Nave pews, number and length not given









altar frontal Set of four altar frontals to match the altar listed above (length 214cm) 


  In seasonal colours of Green, red, purple and white (purple illustrated).







Also available from the same church (no photos available at present) -

Pair of hymn number boards

Four brass alms dishes

Prayer desk

Two wooden benches length 3ft 

Vestry furniture comprising a movable aafe, wooden filing cabinet and two-drawer desk

"Self interpreting" Church Bible (i.e. with commentary)



Available from the church of All Saints, Normanton

These items are surplus to requirements following a recent reordering.  Please contact Diane Brennan, office [at] 

baptism-pool  Baptismal pool (fibreglass) 

  any reasonable offer considered.















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