Daniel Furlong

Daniel Furlong looks forward to serving his curacy across St John the Baptist Clayton, St Peters & St Francis Allerton, St Saviours Fairweather Green and St James Thornton and the new friends he will make there. He trained for ministry at St Hilds as a Full-Time Contextual Ordinand, allowing him to grow and learn in the parish of Girlington, Heaton and Manningham. Prior to that, he had the privilege of working for Christians Against Poverty for eleven years. He will be moving to the parish with his wife and children. As a family they can usually be spotted scrambling to the top of a hill, moor or mountain while studiously ignoring the footpath, and on warmer days will be investigating rivers and streams. If they aren’t intentionally getting lost in the real world, then they are probably getting lost in a good book.

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