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Mini Reflection and Training Series

This series of reflection pieces, with opportunities for training and 'digging deeper', are designed to support all staff in our schools and academies to explore further the distinctiveness of church schools and the difference they can and do make to the lives of our young people. 

1: Faith at Home - Supporting the faith development, spiritual development and pastoral care of our young people

2: Building CommunitiesThe theme of this issue is about ‘building community’. We would recommend the 'think piece' and it’s associated video, by Professor Barry Carpenter on developing a ‘recovery curriculum’.

3. Wellbeing - For many children and staff, our schools are the perfect places to provide this sense of belonging that is such a key foundation for well-being and good mental health. Church schools are founded on the idea of the intrinsic value of each individual and the passionate desire to see each of these reach their full potential. They are loving, nurturing communities that support everyone to grow and thrive.

Bereavement Guidance

Our Bereavement Guidance Document for schools is now available via our website. The guidance offers practical and research based support as well as links to resources for schools whether you are dealing with bereavement in your school or supporting the wider community. Please don't forget that your named adviser and the local church will also be able to provide support.

Liturgical Calendar

The liturgical calendar, covering the academic year 2020 / 2021, indicates the festivals and seasons of the Anglican Church with their liturgical colours. It will be useful to schools as they plan their collective worship. In addition, there is also a table with key festivals of other World religions. Click HERE to download the calendar.

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